Young Americans Have High Appreciation and Expectations for Science, but Misinformation Threatens the Future

Fifth year of 3M and Ipsos global survey reveals Americans want science to help solve for sustainability, health and STEM equity challenges
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ST. PAUL, Minn., April 19, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The outlook for science is promising—especially among young Americans. Millennials and Gen Z have high appreciation for science and expect it will solve many of the world’s challenges, reports the 3M 2022 State of Science Index (SOSI). They’re significantly more likely than their older counterparts to say they expect to appreciate science more over the next five years (63% of Gen Z and Millennials, vs. 43% of Gen X and Baby Boomers).

NewsGuard Launches "Responsible Advertising for News Segments" to Help Brands Stop Funding Misinformation

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NewsGuard Announces ‘Responsible Advertising for News Segments’ Menu to Allow Brands to Stop Funding Misinformation While Restoring Ads to Quality News Publishers, Including Sites Serving Minority Communities and Local News Sites

Fully transparent RANS tools enable CEOs, CMOs and ESG board committees at companies that make Corporate Social Responsibility a priority to stop enabling misinformation and hoaxes--and return revenue to trustworthy news sites 

How Technology Can Empower Communities to Counter COVID-19 Misinformation

Words by Alexa Schmidt

As every nation struggles to contain COVID-19, one of the most pressing challenges for governments, public health officials, and humanitarians has been the fact that misinformation about the pandemic seems to spread almost as quickly as the virus itself. In nearly every country, conspiracy theories and false narratives abound, from rumors about the origin of the virus and how it is spread, to false advice about how to treat it.

The Faculty Member Who Fights Fake News – Erb Institute Faculty Andy Hoffman in La Nación


Andy Hoffman teaches business and sustainability courses at the University of Michigan and studies cultural issues and the knowledge that impacts decisions. He visited Costa Rica and spoke with Irene Rodríguez S. at ‘La Nación’.  Translated to English from the original article.

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