WEC & Bank of Africa – BMCE Group Sign an Agreement to Promote Environmental Governance in Private and Public Sectors of Morocco

Press Release

March 5, 2020 /3BL Media/ - The World Environment Center (WEC) and Bank of Africa signed early this year an agreement that will enable public and private sectors in Morocco to improve their environmental performance through green technologies, practices and services, addressing air pollution, water, and waste management challenges in the country.

Gauging the Workability of Carbon Credits in Morocco: A Q&A with Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability Alum Dannan Hodge


The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) works to improve livelihoods and spur economic growth and grassroots development in disadvantaged communities in Morocco. HAF brought in Erb alum Dannan Hodge to help with the organization’s potential carbon credit projects. Hodge’s three-week project was funded by the Land O’Lakes Farmer to Farmer initiative, organized through the International Executive Service Corp.

3 Futuristic Health Sensors That Could Save Lives

By Katie Fehrenbacher

Entrepreneurs at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego on Wednesday showed off what they believe is the solution to lowering medical costs and bringing better care to the developing world.

They demonstrated a range of devices...

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Social Good Meets Business Strategy With This Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company

This tech company has figured out that social good not only helps the world - it helps their business too.

By Jessica Zemple

In today's day and age it is all about social good (or at least it should be). There are numerous companies that are leading the trend. TOMS is one of the most widely recognized companies doing social good with the concept of buying a pair of shoes and giving one to someone in need. 

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How This Mobile Tech is Reducing Pregnancy Related Deaths

By Wendy Joan Biddlecombe

Pregnant women throughout the developed world expect multiple ultrasounds during their trimesters to track the progress of their baby’s growth and development.

But for many women in rural areas of countries such as Morocco, their doctor might simply listen to the baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope and manually feel their abdomen, leaving women in the dark about complications such as pre-eclampsia.

The lack of access to proper ultrasounds can threaten not only the safety of the unborn baby, but the mother’s life as well.

Small and Medium Enterprises Adopt Sustainable Business Practices in Morocco

Press Release

October 14, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The World Environment Center (WEC) announced today the successful completion of a U.S. Department of State funded project to expand the sustainable development commitments of Moroccan businesses by Improving operating costs, reducing materials, energy and water consumptions, and minimizing solid waste, wastewater and e air emissions. WEC has partnered with the Casablanca-based firm RIO (Reduce-Invent-Optimize) to implement the local activities and provide advanced technical expertise for the project.

Morocco's Rising Tech Stars

Multimedia with summary

The African market is hot and SAP's expanding across the continent. We spoke with four young rising stars based in Morocco who are growing SAP's presence in French-speaking Africa. Hear what they had to say about life at SAP and the opportunity for Africa! Africa has the youngest employee workforce worldwide, so success depends on its millennial professionals.

Skills for Africa Moves to Morocco


Many young professionals in Africa are unemployed because of a mismatch between skills supply and demand. SAP is doing something about it. In May 2015, SAP expanded its Skills for Africa program to Morocco, where the company will find paid positions for all graduates with partners. Learn more about the program and how young people expect it to impact their lives.

Why Social Entrepreneurship in Morocco is Getting Harder to Do? And what is the Current Debate?


According to the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship is “to find innovative entrepreneurial solutions that meet social needs of a community in order to create systemic change” (MCISE, personal communication, 2012). It would be also edifying to make a definitional reference to social entrepreneurship as the creation of innovative solutions to persistent social problems via the application of the creativity and imagination of entrepreneurship for social good, rather than private wealth creation (Brett, 2008).


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