From Competition to Collaboration: Pyxera Global Partners With MovingWorlds To Expand Pro-Bono Support to World-Changing Social Entrepreneurs

PYXERA Global partners with MovingWorlds to Expand Pro-Bono Support to World-Changing Social Entrepreneurs
Press Release

In most sectors, organizations that specialize in your niche are viewed as competition. The existing paradigm is: success means outperforming those around you. But for mission-driven organizations like PYXERA Global and MovingWorlds, that paradigm is flipped on its head: no single organization can solve our world's most pressing global challenges in isolation. Moving from a competition to collaboration mindset unlocks new opportunities for impact at scale, and by working together, we can accelerate progress towards our shared goal of a more equitable and sustainable future.

eBay Employee Lends Her Skills—and Gains a Fresh Perspective

Ruchi Sethi takes her professional expertise to Peru and brings home learnings that are changing her life

Volunteering has always been part of eBay product manager Ruchi Sethi’s life. She freely gives her time to teach kids in underserved areas, collect donations and serve food to the homeless, and support various NGOs in her community. She even traveled to India to paint schools, and is now known to her friends as the “Queen of Volunteering.”

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