Simprints: Using Touchless Biometrics to Facilitate Access to Healthcare


When it comes to healthcare, showing proof of identity is an essential step in accessing life-saving services. Many of us may take for granted being able to reach for our wallet and sharing a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, but what if you don’t have any official form of identity?

Mini City: Providing the Homeless Access to Life Saving Identification

By Scott McGregor

Now that the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021 winners have been officially announced, we are excited for you to learn more about each winning team and the story behind each innovation.

Remora: Meet the Team Fighting Climate Change by Capturing CO2 From Trucks

By Alexis Raymond

Now that the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021 winners have been officially announced, we are excited for you to learn more about each winning team and the story behind each innovation.

ZzappMalaria: Meet the Team That Is Using AI to Eradicate Malaria

By Shawna Darling

Now that the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021 winners have been officially announced, we are excited for you to learn more about each winning team and the story behind each innovation. The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is an annual competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage tech entrepreneurs solving the world’s toughest problems.

An Innovative Learning Tool to Bridge the Digital Divide

by Kevin Delaney

World Possible partners with Cisco to bring the world’s knowledge to offline learners.

Around the world, tremendous efforts are underway to connect the unconnected. But deeply rooted challenges remain, and, for many people, high-speed broadband or wireless remains a distant dream, at least for now.

That’s where World Possible comes in.

Announcing the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021 Winners

By Tae Yoo

When it comes to career paths, I don’t think I could have landed in a more fulfilling role. There are so many aspects of my job that keep me curious, inspired, and excited to get out of bed every day. One of those is the opportunity I get each year to not only learn about new digital solutions that are driving significant social and environmental impact around the world, but also get to know the incredible entrepreneurs behind those solutions.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: How Inclusive Communities Contribute to a Conscious Culture


At Cisco, we have 29 employee resource organizations (EROs) and networks that are part of what we call our “Inclusive Communities.” These employee groups support full-spectrum diversity and foster Cisco‘s Conscious Culture globally by providing opportunities for proximity, learning, and community impact. 

From the Traumas of War, a Passion for Helping Others

by Kevin Delaney

Rita Butman journeyed from Syria to Cisco Germany. Today, she supports refugees with tech skills and life advice.

When the Syrian civil war erupted 10 years ago, it was the beginning of a trauma that would shake the country to its core and spark a refugee crisis that endures today.

But for Rita Butman, a Cisco technical solutions specialist now based in Berlin, it was also an opportunity to discover her life's passion — for helping refugees recover from the ravages of war and displacement.

A Social Good Data Platform Transforming Global COVID Response Through Citizen Engagement


When you think about the global response to COVID, do data platforms come to mind? If you’re like many of us – probably not. But for countless people around the world, Ushahidi’s open source data platform has been a lifeline to valuable resources – and a powerful tool allowing them to document what’s happening in their communities.

Creating a Better and More Inclusive Future Through Regenerative Sustainability


The Cisco Foundation recently made a $100 million commitment to invest in a sustainable and regenerative future through climate solutions. While you’re more likely to hear the term environmental sustainability in conjunction with climate solutions, regenerative sustainability is gaining influence.


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