National Geographic Celebrates 100th Anniversary of National Park Service with Yearlong 'Power of Parks' Initiative


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Park Service, National Geographic has launched The Power of Parks, a yearlong initiative utilizing all of the organization's platforms to better explore and understand the world's national parks.

National Geographic Partners Closes Deal, Announces Senior Leadership Team


21st Century Fox and the National Geographic Society have completed the transaction to form National Geographic Partners, a new media company combining the National Geographic television channels with the remainder of the Society's commercial assets, including National Geographic magazine, National Geographic Studios, and more.

Dow Discovers the Value of a Swamp

The Nature Conservancy and The Dow Chemical Company Collaborate to Estimate Nature’s Value to Business Around the World

What’s the value of a swamp? Traditionally, an accountant would book the value at the cost of acquisition. Environmentalists might argue for the value of its natural preservation and diversity, leading the charge for philanthropic contributions to save the wetlands. Politicians might try to eliminate it in favor of a parking lot for new development or to protect a watershed for tourism, hunting and fishing, making impassioned speeches about its importance to the economy.

Biomimicry: How Business Learns From Nature

A new interview with Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimcry 3.8 interviewed by Katherine Collins, founder of Honeybee Capital

What does biomimicry have to do with Green Money? Well, everything. Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of nature’s wisdom, a methodology that is based not on harvesting nature but on learning from nature. This approach is beginning to shape our cities, our companies, and our social sphere, and has profound implications for investing and for life.

Natural Capital - Why the Nature Conservancy Works with Wall Street


Impact Investing: Aligning Capital with the Conservation of Nature 

By Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Today's environmental challenges are bigger than ever. And a rapidly growing population coupled with climate change will only exacerbate current threats. Big challenges like these will require bold solutions. The environmental movement must try new approaches and scale up our work so it’s bigger, better and faster.

Monetizing Nature Is a Fool’s Errand


By: Carol Pierson Holding

How will damage from the Gold King Mine spill of Silverton Colorado be valued? The lawsuits against the EPA for dislodging the toxic yellow sludge into the Animas River and beyond haven’t yet been filed, but injured parties are lining up.

World Environment Day Isn’t About the Environment


In honor of World Environment Day, Gary Lawrence, vice president and chief sustainability officer at AECOM, discusses his thoughts on the potential for humans to improve their security and quality of life. 

I am really happy to see that this year’s World Environment Day theme — “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” — puts the human element firmly back into the equation.

GM Employees Watch Over Local Wildlife All Year Long

Nature-loving employees photograph wildlife at GM sites

Our manufacturing sites around the world sit on diverse terrain filled with animals, flowers and colorful vegetation. With certified habitat programs at 40 of our facilities around the world, we like to promote and cultivate that wildlife, getting our nature-loving employees involved along the way.

Outside of work, we have employees who hike, birdwatch, fish, or garden. They have a natural interest in nature, so we give them opportunities to help us keep the habitats outside our facilities’ windows and walls thriving.

Ecocentricity Blog - March 2015


Why is silence so hard for us?  I really don’t know the answer to that, especially considering the good that can come from it.  So rather than answer the question, I’ll just urge you all to allow silence to find you.  Go outside and let yourself slip into the rhythms all around.  

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Support Needed For Programs That Connect Young People To Nature: Guest Commentary


By Sarah Miggins

Visionary leaders, it has been said, see possibility where others do not. They make connections between seemingly disparate worlds. And they inspire and empower others to turn their vision into a reality.


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