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Poisonous Waters: Neela Banerjee on Fracking

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During the 2016 presidential race, many environmentalists found it disheartening that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump actually seemed to agree on the expansion of fracking in the US. Some of us were wondering if the fight had been lost. That's why it's so encouraging to see good journalism persisting in the face of general indifference. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to Neela Banerjee of Inside Climate News, who recently wrote an article chronicling the travails of one small, vulnerable western Pennsylvania family.

Keeping An Eye On The Natural Gas Boom

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Even the most casual followers of energy policy have become aware of the controversy surrounding the massive expansion of fracking in this country over the past decade.

Hurricane Sandy: A Climate Change Wake-Up Call?

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The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy highlighted the real effects of a changing climate and rising sea levels like perhaps no other event we have seen in this country. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks with Neela Banerjee, the energy and environment reporter for the Los Angeles Times, to discuss what effects Sandy might have on the media’s handling of climate change in the future and what political role climate change might play beyond the election.

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