Three Grantees Transforming the World One Drop of Water at a Time


There’s nothing more fundamental to human life than water.

People can go weeks without food, but only a few days without water. It’s central to all ecosystems, the simplest most effective way to wash and vital to manufacturing and food production. It’s what we get excited about when we find signs of it on Mars or an underground ocean on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn.

109 NetSuite Pro Bono Volunteers Mobilized for Charity!


Since 2013, more than 500 NetSuite employees from 21 NetSuite global offices have successfully mobilized their NetSuite skills for charity through the SuiteVolunteer program. Together, they have completed 200 projects and devoted over 5,000 pro bono service hours to nonprofits, social enterprises and B Corps.

MANA Works to Feed the World’s Starving Children with the Aid of


When thinking about the core functions of nonprofit organizations, manufacturing probably isn’t top of mind. Yet, for grantee MANA Nutrition, a four-year-old nonprofit based in Charlotte N.C., manufacturing a nutrient-rich packet of fortified milk suspended in peanut butter has helped it, by its own estimates, to save the lives of more than one million children.

Hackathon 4Good Hatches Great Ideas at SuiteWorld 2014


As part of this year’s SuiteWorld Global Customer Conference, the team launched our first Hackathon 4Good – an event bringing together NetSuite’s employees, customers and partners to develop innovative solutions to charity challenges.

SuiteVolunteers Honored with the All-Star of Service Award


SuiteVolunteers, the company’s signature pro bono program has been moving along at full steam this year – providing opportunities for our employees to provide technical and professional skills to the grantees (organizations using NetSuite through our donation program). In Q3, we’ve embarked on 28 projects ranging from simple implementations of a business process on the NetSuite platform, to outbound marketing campaign strategies.

NetSuite Software and Services Donations Help Joanne Pang Foundation Reach New Heights


When the Joanne Pang Foundation (JPF), an organization committed to increasing the number of umbilical cord blood units available for life saving transplants, wanted to better demonstrate its commitment to continually improving operations and services to its constituents, the foundation turned to for help.

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Deploys NetSuite to Strengthen Social Impact


The list of accomplishments for Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines is long and impressive. Founded in 1987, the nonprofit organization has helped improve the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Filipino with programs for education, clean water, economic opportunity, youth empowerment and disaster relief projects.

Nonprofit Global LEAD Improves Capacity through SuiteVolunteer Pro Bono Services


When Beth Ann Shroder joined the nonprofit study abroad program Global LEAD as the Chief Financial Officer, she knew she had to bring in NetSuite to help with the organization’s growth and increase their program efficiency. Her positive experience using the NetSuite software from her previous job was a key factor in Global LEAD becoming a SuiteDonation grantee.

Meet the 2013 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Speakers: Aaron Hurst


On May 16-17, 2013 VolunteerMatch will gather its corporate clients for a day and a half of learning, sharing and networking.


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