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The Character of Our Technology

New technology brings the promise of immense social welfare through previously unimagined connectivity, but to deliver, the tech industry must learn from Wall Street's mistakes.

“We can’t influence the direction of technology, but we can influence its character,” says Kevin Kelly, founder of WIRED, in a recent interview with Krista Tippett. 

Towards an Economics of Happiness - Part II

Localization can show us that there does not have to be a trade-off between ecological and human needs

Originally published in the Summer 2012 RSF Quarterly

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By Helena Norberg-Hodge

Localization for community and the environment

John Fullerton & Sen. Tim Wirth on the “New Economy”

Multimedia with summary

This week on Sea Change Radio, we take a special look back at the recent New Economics Institute Conference held at New York’s Bard College. First we hear from John Fullerton, a former Wall Street bigwig who became a leading practitioner in “impact investment,” a  theory-and-practice approach to financial system transformation which focuses on sustainable and regenerative land use, food, and water.

On Becoming a Force for Good

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It used to be, not long ago, the common motto for Good Business was “take the money and run.” Other business mottos included “Cash is King” and the all-time American favorite “Greed is Good,” made famous from Oliver Stone’s 1988 movie, Wall Street.

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