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Northern Trust Shows There is Another Way


You know what you’re going to get with Northern Trust. The US financial services group, which includes among other things an asset manager and custody bank, has built a reputation over the past 130 years, including 50 years in London, as an ultra-solid, ultra-reliable entity. While the bulging custody banks seem locked in a race for scale that has seen some of them accumulate in recent years upwards of an eye-watering $30 trillion of assets, Northern Trust has enjoyed more modest growth.

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The Diversity Project


The Diversity Project aims to accelerate progress towards an inclusive culture in the investment industry. An inclusive culture supports more effective teamwork, gives wider perspectives, better investment decisions, better results for our clients and ultimately more sustainable businesses. The Project spans the whole range of the profession: asset owners, fund managers, fund selectors, pension consultants, actuaries, trustees, wealth managers and professional standards and trade bodies. It is overseen by a CEO Advisory Council that provides strategic input and business leadership.

Chicago Artist Amanda Williams Drew on a Lifetime of Inspiration To Create Her Signature Color(Ed) Theory, but Her Activity Since Suggests She Has Much More to Say on the Ideas that Fueled its Creation

Color. Space. Race.

For many, the infinite ways that these three elements intersect — from where we live to the items we purchase to how we interact with one another — either goes largely unnoticed or, if one does stop to consider the sum effects of such dynamics, seems almost too complex to take on. But these are exactly the sort of questions that Chicago artist Amanda Williams has been asking — and answering — her entire life.

Economic Commentary: Climate Change

Policymakers are turning up the temperature on climate change.
By Carl R. Tannenbaum, Ryan James Boyle, Vaibhav Tandon
  • Central Banks Address Climate Change
  • Clean Power Generates A Buzz
  • Catastrophe Bonds in Demand

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Northern Trust on the Dow Jones Sustainable Index for Ninth Year in a Row

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Northern Trust has maintained its inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) – North American Index for the ninth consecutive year.

Letter from Connie L. Lindsey and Michael G. O’Grady, Northern Trust's Enduring Principles for CSR


Since the time of our founding, Northern Trust has been shaped by a deep belief in the enduring principles of service, expertise and integrity. From our roots as a Chicago-based trust bank to our global presence today, these principles have served as the foundation upon which our company was built. Northern Trust values corporate responsibility as an essential element of our corporate culture and inextricable underpinning of our enduring principles. 

Partnerships: Taking a Small Piece of the Bigger Pie

By Pete Cherecwich, President of Corporate & Institutional Services at Northern Trust Corporation

“Two brains are better than one.” We have heard this time and time again. Think back to your last meeting or the last brainstorming session you participated in - chances are this message of working together was at the heart of the discussion, and for good reason. Psychology has shown that, more often than not, we work more innovatively in teams than we do individually. But when should different teams work together?

Discover the Impact of Our Commitment to Sustainability and Diversity in Our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


September 4, 2019 - Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS) announced the release of its ninth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. The latest report outlines key priorities for governance, citizenship and operations, employees, shared values and sustainable products / services. The report highlights achievements during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018.

Knapp Community Care Foundation Selects Northern Trust to Provide Investment Management and Social Impact Advisory Services

Northern Trust announced that its Foundation & Institutional Advisors (FIA) practice has been selected to provide investment management and social impact advisory services for the Knapp Community Care Foundation and the Knapp Medical Center Foundation.
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CHICAGO, IL /3BL Media/ – Northern Trust announced that its Foundation & Institutional Advisors (FIA) practice has been selected to provide investment management and social impact advisory services for the Knapp Community Care Foundation and the Knapp Medical Center Foundation. Knapp Community Care Foundation is responsible for helping improve access to healthcare, wellness, nutritional services and education for underserved communities in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

Northern Trust Achieved a 100% Score on the Disability Equality Index This Year

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Northern Trust was recognized as a ‘Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion', this year achieving a 100% score on the Disability Equality Index.


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