Against All Odds, HP's New Recycling Washing Line Opens in Haiti

Through international cooperation and the grit of local workers, HP’s ocean-bound plastic recycling efforts expanded despite the pandemic and a tropical storm.

By Christina Nunez 

When Tropical Storm Laura swept through Haiti last August, heavy rains and whipping winds pummeled a country that was already reeling from the pandemic and still rebuilding from the devastating earthquake that struck a decade ago. More than six million people live in poverty on the island, where HP, along with key NGOs, has been building a program to support local workers collecting ocean-bound plastic from beaches, waterways, and on land for recycling into new HP devices. 

HP People Talk About Progress For Racial Equality And Social Justice


For more than 80 years, HP has stood up for diversity, equity, and inclusion-and leading with this purpose remains a priority today.

This year’s Black History Month celebrations are different and serve as a stark reminder of how much progress is still to be made in light of the devastating and daily examples of the dangers that Black and African American citizens face.

2021 Sustainable Impact Predictions, From Education Reinvention to the Race to Net Zero

Press Release

The events of 2020 will forever change how we think, live and work. While we have a long way to go, there is finally a glimpse of hope as more than 57 countries have administered more than 71 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines.* In 2021, health and safety will remain a priority worldwide, but there’s also a strong urgency to reverse climate change and protect human rights.

HP's Chief Diversity Officer Discusses New Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force


Electronics company HP recently announced a new plan to address racial injustice and drive change. On Jan. 15, the company, which earned the No. 43 spot on the 2020 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list, unveiled its Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force.

Watch: HP Inc. Is Standing for a New Era of Opportunity

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HP is standing for a new era of opportunity. where climate change is reversed, human rights are universally protected, and the digital divide eliminated for all. See how we are advancing sustainable impact for the planet, its people, and our communities, as we work to realize our vision of making HP the world's most sustainable and just technology company.

About HP

Empowering a Cultural Shift to Accelerate a More Sustainable and Just Future

by Ellen Jackowski Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer at HP

As renowned author and management consultant Peter Drucker is often credited with saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The collective beliefs, actions and support within a shared culture determine whether a strategy succeeds or fails. Whether transforming a governmental response to climate change or driving a business response, empowering a cultural shift that enables individuals to have agency in the success of the strategy is key.

This is a lesson HP embraces and we are driving action.

Unleashing a 55K sustainable impact team

HP Unveils Bold Goals to Advance Racial Equality and Social Justice

By Lesley Slaton Brown, Chief Diversity Officer, HP Inc.
Press Release

Among the hard and painful lessons we've learned during the past year is that the struggle for diversity, equity and inclusion has never been more important. And as Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches, we can draw inspiration from his words during what is a momentous time for our country. Dr. King spoke of the power of peaceful resolution and famously said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Retraining and Adult Education Help Close the Skills Gap

Providing technology and learning programs to underserved populations around the world builds a more inclusive future of work.

By Michael Walker

The global pandemic has highlighted long-standing economic and social disparities faced by minorities and unemployed and underemployed people. At the same time, businesses and economies around the world were already facing a persistent technology skills gap, where high-paying jobs require knowledge and abilities that many workers lack. Reskilling workers is essential to address these inequalities and close this gap.

5 Strategies for Improving Work-at-Home Wellness

Optimize your work-at-home setup to prevent the aches, pains, and strain of working where home and office collide.

By Pamela DeLoatch

When Muthu Hanu began working from home in 2014, he had his system set up. As a human resources transformation consultant, he had a home office with a desk that converted to standing, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. But when the pandemic curtailed his travel to see clients and work solely from his Morrisville, North Carolina, home, he started feeling new aches and pains. 


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