A Multifaceted Approach Is the Key to Mentoring the Engineers of the Future


It never ceases to amaze me how many social impact programs Keysight employees engage in worldwide. As the company’s director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) I get a great view of much that occurs, but there are many times I hear about a program I wasn’t previously aware of. In fact, it happened just last month!

From Lights on to Networks On: New Implications on Security, Safety and Environmental Sustainability for the Connected World

by Michele Robinson-Pontbriand, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Simply having lights on when it's dark has become a fundamental human expectation since electricity first started lighting homes in the late 1800s. Since then, efficiently heated homes and safe, free-flowing drinking water are matched by the expectation of 24x7 internet access and mobile phone service.

Disaster Response and Community Healing -- How Corporations Can Make a Difference in Long-Term Community Recovery

by Michele Robinson-Pontbriand

On May 12, 2008 a massive earthquake hit the impoverished, rural community of Sichuan, China. With a surface wave magnitude of 8.0, it is now known as the Great Sichuan Earthquake and was felt in Beijing and Shanghai, over 1000 miles away. More than 69,000 people lost their lives in the quake, and many homes, buildings and community structures were destroyed.

The Long and Short of 77 and 24 GHz Automotive Radar

by Hwee Yng Yeo

There is much debate on who invented radar. One of the very first contenders for the position of the world’s oldest radar was the “telemobiloscope,” created by German inventor Christian Hülsmeyer and patented in 1904 (Figure 1). Apparently, Herr Hülsmeyer was inspired to invent a machine that could prevent collisions, after witnessing a grief-stricken mother whose son was killed when two ships collided. The spark-gap telemobiloscope worked well, detecting ships from as far away as 3,000 m.

Transitioning New Employees Into Keysight's Social Impact Culture -- One Site's Volunteerism Journey

Hamish Gray, Senior Vice President

At Keysight, community engagement has been part of our DNA for 80 years of our existence. As a growth company, with next generation technologists, high value experienced employees as well as employees from acquisitions joining the company’s culture regularly, I have been asked how we successfully transition new teams and employees into Keysight’s social impact efforts.

Investing in the Future: Why Keysight Is a Leader in Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Marie Hattar, Chief Marketing Officer

At Keysight, we believe that our business and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are synergistic. We’re committed to building a better world through our solutions and services, and through ethical, responsible and sustainable operations. That commitment has now been recognized by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), which placed Keysight at #18 in the first annual 50 Best ESG companies listing.

Keysight: Building a Better Planet for Today and Tomorrow

Multimedia with summary

Keysight strives to build a better planet for today’s and tomorrow’s generation. To achieve our vision, we align our industry leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Learn more at http://www.keysight.com/go/csr

Two Keysight Technologies Board Members Selected as WomenInc.’s Most Influential Corporate Directors

Jean Halloran and Joanne Olsen recognized for leadership to corporate brands and the technology industry
Press Release

SANTA ROSA, Calif., December 13, 2019 /3BL Media/ - Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that Jean Halloran and Joanne Olsen, current members of the company’s Board of Directors, have been recognized for their leadership to corporate brands and the technology industry as members of 2019’s Most Influential Corporate Directors by WomenInc. Magazine.


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