Keysight Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Keysight employees are sharing the importance of the celebration and how Hispanic contributions have inspired them in their careers.

Learn more about Keysight's commitment to a diverse, inclusive and respectful work environment

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Medical Electronic Devices Are Facing a Critical Test

By Huei Sin | VP of General Electronics Measurement Solutions and VP of Keysight Education, Keysight Technologies Inc.

The market for medical electronics today represents a comparatively small share of the nation’s nearly $200 billion in overall health expenses – about 5.2% in 2019. But the value it brings to the practice of medicine is disproportionately large and growing rapidly. As a result, the medical electronics industry is expected to see significant growth, propelled by the rising incidence of chronic disease coupled with greater use of medical imaging, monitoring and implantable devices – all combined with an increasingly elderly population.

IoT: Powering the New Normal

By Janet Ooi, IoT Industry Solutions Lead, Keysight Technologies

While digital infrastructure might not be the cure to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, it is undoubtedly helping the world cope in many ways. More and more, governments, enterprises, healthcare, and even the education sector are using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously fight the effects of the pandemic as it continues to spread globally.

Here are six ways IoT and AI are helping curb the pandemic:


Keysight: Boosting Diversity Is Vital for European Competitiveness

By Shidah Ahmad

Making European electronics industries more inclusive is a competitive business strategy says Shidah Ahmad, vice president and general manager at Keysight Technologies.


Making European electronics industries more inclusive is a competitive business strategy says Shidah Ahmad, vice president and general manager at Keysight Technologies.

Pandemic Doesn't Stop High School Engineering Summer Camp

By Jay Alexander, CTO at Keysight Technologies

I get such a feeling of joy when I see a young person experience the magic of engineering. Thanks to my colleague Hamish Gray I recently had one of those moments that is worth sharing. To set some context, I'll say that Keysight's commitment to STEM education is longstanding and wide-ranging.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is Revolutionizing Healthcare, but the Cybersecurity Threat is Real

By Michele Robinson-Pontbriand | Director Corporate Social Responsibility

The healthcare industry is being revolutionized by developments in Internet of Things (IoT), or more specifically the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) — also known as Healthcare IoT. Nothing is more consumer-visible of this fact than the pervasiveness of medial wearables, such as smart watches and bands. A wide variety of such wearables, along with other connected biosensors, provide the ability to monitor various health metrics and automatically send that data to other devices or even directly to physicians.

Technology's Role In Building A Better Planet


To hear about how technology is making the world better, we caught up with Ron Nersesian, the Chairman and CEO of Keysight Technologies - - a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight's solutions optimise networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimisation in networks and cloud environments.

Keysight Technologies' Dan Krantz Discuss Challenges and Lessons Learned About the Impact of the Pandemic

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Dan Krantz, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Keysight Technologies, recently joined CIOs from other tech companies for a NetEvents CIO roundtable to discuss challenges and lessons learned about the impact of the pandemic on their IT organizations.


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