The State of Telehealth and 5G

By Victor Ng

The COVID-19 pandemic has made telehealth and remote patient care more acceptable, but what are the challenges and potentials?

As healthcare facilities embrace telehealth alternatives to traditional hospital visits, what is the role of technology in driving a full-scale rollout, driving patient care and managing costs?

Making Products Secure, By Default

By Arjun Narayanan, Product Security Engineer


The path to a more secure cyber world starts with designing, engineering and manufacturing products with cyber security best practices. In short, to make products “Secure by default”.  

Connected Systems – High Risk:  

Detecting Hardware Trojans with Machine Learning

By Anna McCowan, Software Marketing Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything – from smart devices to smart infrastructure. Unfortunately, along with it comes the threat of malware and cybersecurity attacks. Because IoT devices can contain components from multiple sources, their hardware and software can include security schemes that range from very sophisticated to nonexistent. Detecting malicious circuitry – or hardware Trojans – becomes more difficult as the number of electronic components increases.

Keeping the Line Moving in Supply Chain


Shidah Ahmad, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight Technologies in Malaysia, discusses her role at Keysight, developing talent locally in Penang and worldwide, diversity, and the company’s STEM education engagement efforts.

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Keysight Technologies Expands Automotive Portfolio with New Radar Multi-Target Simulator and Advanced Automotive Ethernet Solutions

New solutions enable development of high-quality and high-performance products that improve safety in modern and autonomous vehicles
Press Release

SANTA ROSA, Calif., September 28, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Considering Climate Change Root Cause During Climate Week 2020

By Claire McCarthy | Global Director Sustainability, Security & Safety

In my role as Global Director for Sustainability, Security and Safety at Keysight, like many others, I note the exceptionally extraordinary year that 2020 has become. Starting in January, I led Keysight’s Global Crisis Management Team as incident commander for our Covid-19 response. After stabilizing in May, we entered wildfire and hurricane season which is shaping up to be one of the worst years in recent times. To date, greater than 4 million acres have burned on the west coast of the US, and we have run out of letters for named storms in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast.

Keysight Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Multimedia with summary

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Keysight employees are sharing the importance of the celebration and how Hispanic contributions have inspired them in their careers.

Learn more about Keysight's commitment to a diverse, inclusive and respectful work environment

About Keysight Technologies

Medical Electronic Devices Are Facing a Critical Test

By Huei Sin | VP of General Electronics Measurement Solutions and VP of Keysight Education, Keysight Technologies Inc.

The market for medical electronics today represents a comparatively small share of the nation’s nearly $200 billion in overall health expenses – about 5.2% in 2019. But the value it brings to the practice of medicine is disproportionately large and growing rapidly. As a result, the medical electronics industry is expected to see significant growth, propelled by the rising incidence of chronic disease coupled with greater use of medical imaging, monitoring and implantable devices – all combined with an increasingly elderly population.

IoT: Powering the New Normal

By Janet Ooi, IoT Industry Solutions Lead, Keysight Technologies

While digital infrastructure might not be the cure to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, it is undoubtedly helping the world cope in many ways. More and more, governments, enterprises, healthcare, and even the education sector are using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously fight the effects of the pandemic as it continues to spread globally.

Here are six ways IoT and AI are helping curb the pandemic:


Keysight: Boosting Diversity Is Vital for European Competitiveness

By Shidah Ahmad

Making European electronics industries more inclusive is a competitive business strategy says Shidah Ahmad, vice president and general manager at Keysight Technologies.


Making European electronics industries more inclusive is a competitive business strategy says Shidah Ahmad, vice president and general manager at Keysight Technologies.


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