HACR Partnership Helps Medtronic Develop Hispanic Talent

Work toward zero barriers is recognized by the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

Alina Vargas had leadership goals from the moment she began her career at Medtronic more than six years ago. But her road to success has been winding. Vargas knew she had the skills and the willingness to lead but was sometimes challenged by the Hispanic cultural norms she grew up with. They didn’t always translate in a corporate setting.

“Cultural aspects of leadership can be very different,” Vargas said. “I wouldn’t speak up as much as others or call attention to myself.”

Employees Report They’re Safe and Now Bringing Puerto Rico Production Back Online

Lessons learned after Maria are helping in the wake of Hurricane Fiona

The power remains out in most of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Fiona, but all Medtronic operations are coming back online anyway.

“All shifts at all sites resumed operations Tuesday morning,” said Carlos Rodriguez, Senior Manufacturing Director. “Fiona caused some water in a couple of our facilities but we have them under control. And we do not have any major equipment issues. Everything is up and running.”

Medtronic Foundation Launches Its First Latino STEM Students Scholarship Program

Students will receive up to $25,000 for education and other expenses

When Veronica Borras-Serrano learned she’d been selected as a scholar for the inaugural class of the Medtronic Foundation and SHPE scholarship, she felt relief.

“My parents had health issues that caused the family to get into a lot of debt,” Borras-Serrano said. She further explained that impacted the money for school. “So with this help from the Medtronic Foundation, I'm able to pay my tuition and focus on other things I need for school.” She’s one of 16 recipients who received the financial lift.

Medtronic Employee Finds New Take on Volunteering

‘Everything starts with education’

Guy Losier didn’t know his First Nations heritage until his early 40s when his mother found historical papers for his great grandfather while researching genealogy. One word stood out: “Savage.”

Lessons Learned at Medtronic Help One Employee Improve Healthcare in Vietnam

Joe Lontai blends medical device skills with military service

Time away from work can sometimes be quite an adventure for Joe Lontai.

A few weeks ago, he took on a challenge: helping improve how Vietnam’s healthcare systems treat patients during natural disasters.

Lontai is an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) area sales manager in Oregon and Alaska, and also a member of the Oregon National Guard. In that capacity, he serves as director of a program called Pacific Partnership, a 10-year information-exchanging relationship between Vietnam and the Oregon National Guard. He recently spent two weeks in Vietnam supporting the effort.

Couple Finds Personalized Pain Relief in Identical Devices

Jay and Sandra Aldrich experienced chronic pain for different reasons, but found relief in the same therapy.

Jay Aldrich doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about his spinal cord stimulator, and that’s one thing he loves about it.

Not only has it brought him relief from the chronic back pain that he couldn’t find through physical therapy, medications, and other pain treatments, but his device doesn’t have to be recharged.

Spinal cord stimulation provides effective pain relief by blocking the pain signals between the spinal cord and brain. But many spinal cord stimulators need to be recharged regularly.

Medtronic Podcast: How Medtronic Is Bringing the Power of Data To Bear in the Fight Against Chronic Diseases

Leaders from the Cardiovascular Diagnostics & Services operating unit at Medtronic share the group’s vision of “turning data into the right therapy”
Multimedia with summary

In this episode, two senior leaders from the Cardiovascular Diagnostics & Services operating unit at Medtronic share the group’s vision of “turning data into the right therapy.” Sanjiv Arora, vice president of business development, and Leo Rapallini, vice president of research & development, explain how trail-blazing technologies like the LINQ family of ICMs are a great tool in measuring infrequent – but important – cardiac events.

How an Employee’s Diabetes Journey Led to a Role in New Netflix Movie

Heather Lackey helps patients in real life and on screen

Heather Lackey never thought she’d be on a Hollywood movie set — let alone appear in a film.

But then she found herself in hair and makeup, preparing for a role in a feature film.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” she said. “I can’t believe it all came together.”

It all happened fast.

Behind the Scenes

Netflix was producing a new movie — “Purple Hearts,” a film in which the main character has type 1 diabetes and struggles to both afford her insulin and manage her condition on multiple daily injections.

Medtronic Provides New Pathways to Debt-Free Education

Enabling employees to pursue their academic and career goals

Innovation begins with ideas, vision, and — most importantly — people. Medtronic Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha calls innovation “a people-powered business.”

Medtronic Podcast: Dr. Laura Mauri Brings Years of Patient Care Experience to Medtronic’s Top Clinical, Regulatory, Scientific Post

A podcast with Dr. Laura Mauri, SVP & Chief Scientific, Medical and Regulatory Officer
Multimedia with summary

In this episode, Dr. Laura Mauri shares the career path that started with an early interest in medicine brought, at least partly, by her mother’s cancer diagnosis. Mauri directed that interest in caring for patients – and an innate ability to keep cool under pressure – to become an interventional cardiologist, a career that led her to appreciate the benefits of new technologies. This interest in new devices drew her to join Medtronic in 2018. This year, she was named senior vice president and chief scientific, medical, and regulatory officer.


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