Oscar Munoz

Unmute Yourself!

by Oscar Munoz, Executive Chairman, United Airlines

“Hey, you’re on mute!”  

Who hasn’t heard this phrase shouted to them in the past several months as we’ve all tried to make the best of video chat to do business meetings, family gatherings, friends’ happy hours, etcetera?

It’s one of those catchphrases that will always recall life in the time of covid-19. I also think it captures a larger and more lasting idea that I hope we carry forward, even when we’ve put this difficult chapter safely behind us.

Abiding Lessons

by Oscar Munoz, Executive Chairman, United Airlines

“By teaching, we learn,” said the ancient Roman poet, Seneca. I was reminded of the truth of that wisdom this week when I participated in a session with business students hosted by the newly minted Dean of USC’s Marshall Business School, Dr. Geoffrey Garrett.

It’s a lesson I first learned the hard way when I began graduate business school myself – way back in the mid-1980’s. 

I’d already spent a few years in the private sector, finding some early success in business and finance. The experience had taught me much – except, it seems, humility.

Taking Flight Together, Celebrating Black History Month

By Oscar Munoz, CEO, United Airlines

If you walk into the famed Museum of Science and Industry on Chicago's South Side, you'll pass scores of artifacts and tributes to our progress as human beings, our boundless ingenuity and endless curiosity, and — above all — our capacity to come together in pursuit of a better future.

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