Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, 99% Biobased, Receives Two Amsterdam Innovation Awards 2022

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May 11, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The innovative and sustainable cleaning cloth for multipurpose usage which helps to lower environment impact in industry and foodservice environments while improving efficiency, is this year’s overall and category winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Fossil Fuel Free Production


Going fossil free in an industry that is traditionally energy intensive is one of our most important and challenging tasks in becoming net zero emitters by 2050. To achieve this, we are committed to redefining the standards of the industry and investing in breakthrough technology.

Investing in decarbonization
A transition to renewable fuels requires alternatives that are not available at scale today. The most interesting alternatives for Essity in the near future include hydrogen, geothermal steam, sustainable biomass and synthetic biogas.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Low-Carbon Raw Materials


Raw material accounts for a fifth of Essity's emissions. On the journey to net zero, we work to identify and shift to low-carbon materials. At the same time, we act to mitigate deforestation and increase biodiversity.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Sustainable Innovations


Our leading hygiene and health solutions constitute the core of our business. Together with partners, we use our experience and resources to accelerate innovation to ensure that our portfolio satisfies customer and consumer demands while contributing to a circular society and net zero future.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: For the Well-Being of People and Planet


Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Its effects are far-reaching and global. It is also one of the greatest risks to our business. Everyone needs to act now.

We have always worked with sustainability at the core of our business, knowing that what´s good for the people and planet is also good for our business. As one of the world’s leading hygiene and health companies, we have the scale and the reach to take action and contribute to collective action.

Essity Launches Green Hydrogen Pilot for CO\2\-free Tissue Production

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STOCKHOLM, February 10, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Hygiene and health company Essity is launching a pilot project to run a paper machine CO2-free with green hydrogen in the company’s production facility in Mainz-Kostheim, Germany. For this purpose, natural gas is successively replaced by green hydrogen on the site’s largest paper machine during ongoing production. The project is the first of this magnitude in the paper industry. Essity’s investment in the pilot project amounts to EUR 4m (approximately SEK 40m).

Essity on CDP's Prestigious A List for Sustainability

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STOCKHOLM, February 14, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The hygiene and health company Essity has once again been recognized for its leadership in sustainability by the global non-profit environmental organization CDP. The company was awarded a place on CDP’s prestigious A List for its work in combating deforestation. Essity is also recognized for its environmental leadership in the index for climate change, achieving A- from CDP.

Tork and the Green Bay Packers Team up to “Tackle Hygiene With Every Catch”


In partnership with the Green Bay Packers, Tork has launched the “Tackle Hygiene with Every Catch" campaign to promote hand hygiene and give back to the community through local charities.

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In partnership with the Green Bay Packers, Tork has launched the “Tackle Hygiene with Every Catch" campaign to promote hand hygiene and give back to the community through local charities.

Sustainability in Brief

Multimedia with summary

Every year, Essity's integrated Annual and Sustainability Report reflects how deeply embedded sustainability is within our business. 

Building on this our 'Sustainability in brief' brochure gives a comprehensive overview of sustainability at Essity.

Read it now.

Essity Invests in Improved Recycling of Food and Beverage Cartons in France

Global hygiene and health company Essity invests approximately EUR 11m (approximately SEK 110m) in its Hondouville mill in France, allowing to extract 98% of paper fibers contained in food and beverage cartons.
Press Release

STOCKHOLM, October 5, 2021 /3BL Media/ Since 2008, Essity’s Hondouville mill has been the leading recycler in France of food and beverage cartons, currently recycling more than 63% of all cartons that are sorted, collected, and recycled in the country*. This new investment will allow Essity to increase the recycling capacity of cartons to 24,000 tons a year. The fibers from these cartons are used in the fiber mix to manufacture Tork branded products within Professional Hygiene.


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