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Taking a Stand Against Ocean Pollution

Legg Mason Sponsors Inagural “The Race Against Plastic” 10k

Legg Mason and Jupiter Asset Management joined forces to co-sponsor a run on April 11th in Stockholm, Sweden, to benefit Plastic Oceans, a pioneer in the fight against plastics in our seas.

 “The Race Against Plastic (TRAP)” inaugural 10k featured 25 clients dusting off their running shoes and joining together in the fight to reduce polluting our oceans with plastics. Runners and supporters raised nearly $10,000 for the cause!

First-hand Experience with Plastic Oceans by Roz Savage

Oceans, Plastics and Sustainability

I met Roz Savage, British ocean rower and environmental campaigner at a San Francisco fundraising dinner over five years ago.  It was fairly early on in her campaign “to bring us all together, by rowing by herself across our oceans for our planet and to demonstrate how we can change things, one stroke at a time.” I was very inspired by the lifestyle choices she had made and her commitment to a life purpose not to mention the courage it takes to row single handed across oceans.   And she rowed across three – Atlantic, Pacific and Indian!

Water and Sustainability Letter

Plastics in Our Oceans

Nothing is more fundamental to sustainability than water. It defines the surface of our planet, prescribes what is necessary to our life, and challenges hopes for worldwide prosperity.  The voices of sustainability who address water span a wide range of issues, programs, disciplines, professions, geographies, industries, opportunities, catastrophes, and toxins making it difficult, but not impossible, to organize and connect them under the one umbrella of sustainability.

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