A Message from PNC's Marsha Jones Discussing Diversity in the Workplace

From the 2017 PNC Diversity and Inclusion Report
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At PNC, we recognize that innovation is crucial to the long-term success of our organization. In support of this philosophy, our diversity initiatives are designed to intentionally connect and create collaborative networks that help the organization drive innovation.

PNC's William S. Demchak on Embracing and Promoting Diversity

From PNC's 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Report

PNC’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace goes beyond race, age, sexual orientation and other demographic identifiers to include diversity of thought and experience. By intentionally working to build the best and most diverse teams, we foster more creative problem-solving and more innovation, which help us better serve our customers and the communities where we do business.

Inclusion Creates Ingenuity and Motivation

From PNC's 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report

“I have regular one-on-one conversations with our leadership team that cover a wide range of business topics, but talent is always a large part of our discussions. When there are open positions, we talk about candidates and ensure that the talent pool is diverse.”

-Laura Gamble Regional President, Greater Maryland Sponsor, Regional Diversity & Inclusion Council

5 Ways Finances Influence Same-Sex Marriages


Marriage equality is now a reality for same-sex couples, and along with that comes most of the marriage protections offered by federal and state laws. For some, the opportunity to marry may have come later in life, perhaps after one or both individuals have amassed personal wealth. As a result, many gay and lesbian couples may find themselves weighing the economics of marriage more carefully than many other couples do.

PNC Meets 30 Percent Carbon Reduction Goal Ahead of Plan

PNC’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility report highlights the bank’s environmental performance, among other progress, policies and initiatives
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How PNC Helps to Finance the Solar Power Revolution

As a leader in eco-friendly development, PNC Energy Capital lights the way for solar industry growth.

By Julie Pippel, director, Division of Environment Management, Washington County, MD at the Rubble1 solar farm

Across the United States, solar power installations have become an increasingly popular and affordable source of renewable energy.

Financial Sector's ESG Concerns Affect Investment in Extractive Sector

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The greening of the finance sector is leading to a credit squeeze in the extractive industry. That’s the conclusion of a recent report on Mondaq, a website that provides global coverage of legal, financial, and regulatory issues. The current climate of controversy about oil sands extraction in Canada, coal-fired power plants in the U.S., and conflict metals and minerals in Africa is causing financial entities to increasingly consider environmental, social, and governmental issues in their investment decision-making process. For example, a long list of U.S.

PNC Grant to Fund Communities In Schools of Wake County Pre-K Initiative

$45,000 Grant Will Establish Pre-K Program at CIS Wake Learning Centers
Press Release

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 14, 2012 / 3BL Media / PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Communities In Schools of Wake County (CIS Wake), the area's largest dropout prevention agency that works in partnership with the Wake County Public School System to help students in need, has announced a $45,000 grant from PNC to establish pre-Kindergarten initiatives at CIS Wake's PNC Learning Center at Heritage Park and the SAS Learning Center at Kentwood. The grant was announced Friday morning at CIS Wake's Gifted Hands Breakfast, which was sponsored by PNC.


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