Beyond the Politics of Climate Change

By Paul Grimwood, Chairman And CEO, Nestlé USA

If you want to start a fight in Washington, just say “climate change.”

Whether it’s the ongoing acrimony over the fate of the Keystone Pipeline or the congressional tug of war over everything from fuel standards to alternative energy, one thing is as clear as the sky on a brisk winter day in the nation’s capital: Democrats and Republicans have largely agreed to disagree.

Top 10 Stakeholder Issues Report of 2015

Multimedia with summary

Each year, Future 500 releases a Top 10 report of what we predict will be the most critical issues driving stakeholder engagement in the coming year. It consists of a breakdown and analysis of the key issues based on interactions with a broad range of stakeholders – funders, activists, companies and policy makers, to name a few. From politics to energy production, ocean acidification to deforestation, 2015 will continue to present a wide range of challenges that will require stakeholder attention. 

Watch our video breaking down the Top 10 issues in just 2 (fun!) minutes

Abenomics and Japan's Economy in 2015


For the second time this year, Bloomberg brought together top newsmakers to the Tokyo office to examine topics critical to Japan – this time to focus on the future of Abenomics and its impact on Japan’s growth potential in 2015.

Off the back of a strong performance in recent elections by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which some commentators say reinforces the tailwind behind Abenomics, market participants are closely tracking how the core pillars of reform will materialize.

STAR's 'Satyamev Jayate' Speaks Out for India's LGBT Community


In a recent episode of Satyamev Jayate, STAR's groundbreaking social awareness series, Bollywood star and host Aamir Khan examines the struggles facing India's LGBT community. Through interviews with experts, activists, and victims, he brings to light the discrimination and violence that the community still suffers, and he urges viewers to begin accepting alternative sexualities as part of nature.

STAR India Demonstrates the Role of Media in Driving Social Change


On Sunday, October 5th, STAR India's groundbreaking social awareness series Satyamev Jayate returned for its third season. With their discussions of road safety, the LGBT community, and the positive impacts of sports, the new episodes have continued to deliver on SMJ's commitment to address India's most pressing social concerns, and by introducing a new live show, STAR is working more than ever to make sure its audience can have their voices heard.

STAR India's Groundbreaking Social Awareness Show Will Return on October 5th


After its groundbreaking first season in 2012 and a successful second season earlier this year, STAR India's hit series Satyamev Jayate, or "Truth Alone Prevails," will return with new episodes on Sunday, October 5th. In addition, STAR will also premiere SMJ Live, a series of live specials in which viewers can interact with host Aamir Khan directly through social media.

Walter White & LBJ: Personality Plus, To What End?

Bryan Cranston's Tour de Force in ART's "All the Way"

The TakeAway: Two drama, Breaking Bad and All the Way, provide insights into complex characters, and lessons for our times.


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