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Millions of Idle Power Plants


by Ryan Dings, Chief Operating Officer, Sunwealth 

The next time you walk around your community, look up! On the rooftops of buildings all around us, you’ll see idle power plants – potential sites for rooftop solar installations – just waiting to be activated in the fight against climate change.

The Power of Rooftop Solar

Opportunities to Procure Renewable Power in India


With the increasing appeal of renewable energy deployment to reduce the environmental footprint and power costs, a new industry guide sheds light on approaches to renewable energy procurement in India for corporate buyers.

Solar Power Goes Mainstream with Help from Solar Brokers

Solar brokers expand the solar market by making solar sales easier and cheaper

The growth of the US solar power industry has been extraordinary by any standard in recent years. The solar industry grew 67% in 2010 despite sluggish economic conditions overall, performance that few other industries can match. The solar market is growing rapidly in states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania as high energy prices, solar incentives, and falling solar panel prices boost the solar market. The growth of the solar market means that it is not just for treehuggers.

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