Powering Human Progress

Janet is Working on Health and Safety at Chevron

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Meet Janet. At Chevron, she’s focusing on human performance factors to help influence the health and safety of our global workforce. Actions like these have resulted in meaningful progress.

Diversity Powers Chevron

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We recognize and encourage diverse voices at all levels of our company. 

Diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of our corporate values and our best source of innovation. As part of this commitment, we’re continuing to improve upon the percentage of women and ethnically diverse members serving on our Board of Directors.

Chevron and The Future of Low Carbon Energy

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Chevron believes the future of energy is lower carbon. That’s why Chevron has committed $3 billion by 2028 to advance our energy transition strategy. Chevron is lowering carbon intensity, increasing renewables and offsets in support of their business and investing in low-carbon technologies.

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