Women In Tech - A Recap of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

By Christine Jorgensen

About 150 employees from Qualcomm Technologies – engineers, program and product managers, IT administrators, programmers, a few VPs and our CIO – attended The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) in Houston last month. 

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How I Became a Techie: Kathy Herring Hayashi


“When you find that passion, it’s no longer work. It’s what drives you. What motivates you.” — Kathy Herring Hayashi

How did I become a techie? It all started with my dad, who was in the Air Force. When we were stationed in Nebraska, he would always find time in the evening to do word scramble puzzles with me, which later led to us doing cryptograms and other ciphers. He taught me to look several moves ahead, which helped me win my junior high checker championship.

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How I Became a Techie: Robert Nowakowski


“The whole thing about STEM is that it involves a diverse team of people working closely together to successfully derive and execute innovative ideas to solve a complex problem.” — Robert Nowakowski

All Roads Lead to Marrakech: Formula E and COP22 Combat Climate Change

By Molly Gavin, Vice President, Government Affairs and Sustainability

This week, Formula E race cars will weave their way through the streets of Morocco, a first not only for the city but for the entire continent. And that’s not the only reason all eyes will be on Marrakech: The 2016 FIA Formula E Marrakech ePrix will be the official sporting opening event of the 22nd session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22).

How Technology Empowers Women Around The World


Global Risk Insights sat down with Allison Kahn, Director of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentoring Women in Business Programme, to discuss the interplay between female empowerment, mentoring and technology.

“There is one crucial factor that affects whether we can sign up a prospective mentee – and that’s internet and mobile connectivity.”

3 Futuristic Health Sensors That Could Save Lives

By Katie Fehrenbacher

Entrepreneurs at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego on Wednesday showed off what they believe is the solution to lowering medical costs and bringing better care to the developing world.

They demonstrated a range of devices...

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What Does Sustainability Mean to Qualcomm? [Video]

By Elisabeth Best
Multimedia with summary


What does sustainability mean to Qualcomm? It’s a question I love to answer, and it’s a question I’m surprised I’m not asked more often.

Research Highlight: Study Says Barrier to Widespread Use of Clean Cookstoves Surmounted

Project Surya effort to improve public health and slow pace of global warming provides rural women in India access to results-based climate financing

A multiyear experiment in healthier and more environmentally sustainable cooking practices among the world’s poorest three billion people has found key breakthroughs that can substantially improve women’s quality of life and slow the pace of climate change.

Social Good Meets Business Strategy With This Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company

This tech company has figured out that social good not only helps the world - it helps their business too.

By Jessica Zemple

In today's day and age it is all about social good (or at least it should be). There are numerous companies that are leading the trend. TOMS is one of the most widely recognized companies doing social good with the concept of buying a pair of shoes and giving one to someone in need. 

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