Recognition and ThankQ at Qualcomm


Research shows that recognition can increase employee engagement by more than 40 percent. With a strong recognition culture, employees are more likely to endorse a company as a great place to work, more likely to stay with the company long-term and more likely to feel committed to their job, manager and the company mission.

Qualcomm's Returnship Program Provides New Way To Re-Enter the Workforce

Hear from two engineers participating in the Qualcomm pilot program, which aims to expand talent pipelines and drive diversity.

Employees take career breaks for a variety of reasons — to travel the world, try entrepreneurship, stay home with kids, or care for family members — to name a few. However, when employees return to the workplace, they may feel hesitant toward the inevitable challenges ahead.

Key Accomplishments: STEM Education


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is the foundation for everything we do. It supports the brainpower behind the breakthrough technologies and inventions we bring to life.

Inclusion and Diversity at Qualcomm


Qualcomm has approximately 41,000 people represented by 109 nationalities working in more than 175 locations in 30 countries. Collectively, we speak 74 languages. We strive to be a community that reflects the world which we transform every day. That means working to ensure all our people have the chance to make their mark on innovation. 

Improving management & recruitment practices

Key Accomplishments: Our People


At Qualcomm, as a company of inventors, we believe in the power of technology. We also believe that innovation leads to social change, and that with every exciting new invention comes the potential to transform the way we live, work and connect.

Our Company owes its success to the hard work and dedication of our employees. Our varied backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and ideas help us increase our global awareness and are crucial to our ability to innovate. 

Million Girls Moonshot


Million Girls Moonshot seeks to re-imagine who can engineer, who can build and who can make. It aims to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through afterschool and summer programs over the next 5 years. 

Qualcomm supported the launch of Moonshot’s transformative programming as an inaugural funder and visionary leader. In our role as a founding member of the initiative, we will help create a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals sharing our vision of STEM equity.

This is the Invention Age


From smartphones to smart cities, Qualcomm® is known for developing innovations that are the backbone of the wireless world we live in. Our innovations have transformed industries and expanded the potential for extended reality, AI, and mobile. Behind every extraordinary invention are decades of extensive research that provided the spark. It’s that commitment to dedicate the necessary resources to R&D that make Qualcomm the driving force that’s taking the whole wireless industry—and the world as we know it—to amazing new places.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach


Wireless Reach brings advanced wireless technologies to people and communities who need it most. These programs demonstrate pioneering uses of our Company’s mobile innovations to help drive human and economic progress in underserved areas globally. 

Key Accomplishments: Purposeful Innovation


We believe an idea can spark change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways.

How Our Power-Efficient Technologies Benefit Smartphone Users and the Earth

Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala discusses the company’s mobile origins and why it matters

Consider how much we rely on our smartphones every day, from texting, listening to podcasts, and taking photos to ordering goods online, streaming video, and using GPS navigation – there’s a lot of processing happening in a relatively small device. And all that processing consumes battery energy. Yet, most people’s smartphones serve them all day on a single charge. And many of those phones are enabled by power-efficient solutions created by Qualcomm Technologies.

Power efficiency is in our DNA


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