quality management

Quality Management: Assuring the Integrity of Third-Party Certification

By Diana Kirsanova Phillips

Third-party certification is widely recognized as playing an integral role in helping companies demonstrate their environmental, sustainability, and safety achievements to their customers and stakeholders.  As a certification body, the question we are most frequently asked is what qualifies us to do this work. Heading up SCS’ Quality Assurance Team, I liken my team’s services to providing a “safety net” for our company’s reputation.

The Elements of a Strong Quality Management Culture


Raj Rangaraj is the vice president of the client care program at AECOM. In a recent AECOM Impact blog postk, he explains the importance of a quality management culture, as well as the human elements required to achieve a quality and safety-focused culture. 

Professionals don’t willingly make errors; they are the result of complacency, lack of training and a weak quality culture. Further to that point, quality doesn’t just happen; it takes an investment of time, resources and energy. And the costs of not embracing a strong quality culture are many.

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