Domtar's Sustainability Report Dazzles

Gorgeous design, striking photos and infographics highlighted annual report.

Any annual report can present compelling and useful information. Making that report so appealing that it draws readership like a magnet is a tougher challenge, one that is more difficult when dealing with typically dry themes like sustainability.

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Check out the 2019 Sustainability Report

Engaging Employees in CSR Activity Creates Alignment with Corporate Values

Bacardi enlisted employees globally in the fight to reduce plastic waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives work best when they’re connected to what an organization does. Spirits company Bacardi Limited has tied sustainability efforts to the resources required to make its products, including water, and has earned first place in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category of Ragan’s 2016 Employee Communications as a result.

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4 Benefits of Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility Program

by Justine Figueroa

The casual consumer might consider a spirits organization like Bacardi Limited to be all about having a good time. However, Bacardi’s “No Straws” Pledge has positioned it as an environmentally conscious organization.

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