redefining business value

SCS Empowers Companies to Build Business Value Through Sustainability

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Check out this video that highlights how SCS Global Services empowers companies to build business value through sustainability by safeguarding the environment, climate, health and supporting the needs of workers and communities. Find out why we are the leading third-party certifier in the industry by following our upcoming #100waysSCSempowers campaign on social media to see all the ways we work with various organizations around the world. 

How Do We Create a New Definition of Business Value Which is Supported by the Financial Community?


In October 2014, Coca-Cola Enterprises teamed up with the Financial Times to host the Future for Sustainability Summit. The summit included a panel discussion on redefining business value, which featured Nik Jhangiani, Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola Enterprises. Here he explores further how companies can change investor perceptions of sustainability and better communicate its long-term value.

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