Pro Bono Perspectives Episode 26: Martin Cominsky, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

Connecting Faiths & Fortifying Communities
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Martin Cominsky, President & CEO of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, joins host Danielle Holly to share his organization’s messages of volunteerism, community building and respect for other faiths.

Aligning Faith and Finances

Stewardship from personal finances to the planet we call home

Welcome to the “Faith and Finances” issue of the GreenMoney Journal. 

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability Post Doc Finds Positive Correlation Between Education and Polarized Opinions on Controversial Science Topics

Caitlin Drummond and Baruch Fischhoff
It's well known that some of the biggest issues of our time are polarized along religious or political lines, meaning that people with different religious and political affiliations tend to have different beliefs on these issues.

How the University Environment Affects a Changing Demographic

By: Rohini Anand

College students’ social encounters on campus shape their college experience. Therefore, it is imperative that campuses foster inclusive environments where all students feel valued, respected and celebrated. This in mind, the need for a sense of belonging is more pressing than ever. Our society’s tendency to display racial intolerance, cultural disengagement and lack of understanding across differences calls for more culturally aware campuses.

Supporting a Higher Cause: Religion & CSR


We rarely talk religion on the Prove Your Purpose blog, but the election of Pope Francis, and his focus on poverty and the environment, got us thinking: in a world where 

Lutheran World Relief to Co-Host National Cocoa Forum in Nicaragua; Present New Cocoa Toolkit for Central American Farmers

Press Release

BALTIMORE, Sept. 18, 2012 / 3BL Media / PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education (CATIE) will host this year´s National Cocoa Forum in Managua, Nicaragua on September 19 and 20. At the forum, LWR will present an innovative and user-friendly toolkit designed to help farmers, cooperatives and agricultural extension workers to improve cocoa production and processing as well as strengthen their business models.

Religious Traditions and Environmental Stewardship

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Reverend Clare Butterfield, Executive Director of Faith in Place in Chicago, Illinois, works with over 700 congregations of all faiths, to help them connect with what their faith teaches about environmental stewardship. In this video, Rev. Butterfield explains that different religions have different teachings that relate to environmental stewardship. For example, in the Bahai faith, people understand that the natural world reflects the nature and presence of the Creator, so that whatever people do to nature is done to the Creator.

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