First Tetra Top Carton Bottle with Bio-based Plastic Hits the Market with JUST Water

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DENTON, Texas, April 22, 2016 /3BL Media/– Tetra Pak announces that a new version of its Tetra Top® package, more than 80% of which comes from plant-based materials, will make its global debut in the United States with JUST™ water.

New Learning Labs from Tetra Pak Help Specify Business Benefits of Renewable Resources

First Lab with WRI Shares Supply Chain Perspectives
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DENTON, Texas, May 20, 2015 /3BL Media/ — What will it take for industry to understand the importance of using renewable materials to mitigate natural resources scarcity and to increase use of renewable resources?

Tetra Pak today shared highlights from the first of a new series of Learning Labs designed to shed light on these issues and more. Through dialogues with key stakeholders, Tetra Pak is leading efforts to assess the business value that comes from using renewable resources—those that can be regrown or replenished over time—and more responsible use of natural capital.

Brian Kennell on the Winning Impact of Renewable Resources

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Join Brian Kennell, Tetra Pak president and CEO for the United States and Canada, as he discusses the issue of resource scarcity––which for businesses means a shortage of many key raw materials used within supply chains. Using renewable materials within the food and beverage and packaging industries is more important than ever to create a circular economy, ensuring companies will not run out of raw materials, and that the environment will remain strong for generations to come. Learn more:

New Collaboration to Show the Value of FSC® in Protecting Forests

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September 9, 2014 /3BL Media/ - By 2050 we’re likely to need three times more wood than we do today, yet forests are fighting for their lives as the ground they stem from is being sought for alternative uses.  

The key to keeping forests standing is to make them viable so they can compete with alternative land uses that require them cleared.  Sustainable wood extraction as a forest conservation strategy has long been recognised as one way to achieve this.  

What is Renewability in Packaging, and Why Should We Care?

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The world is growing. Increased travel, greater populations in urban areas, and higher demand for convenience products and packaging are putting an alarming strain on the world’s supply of scarce natural resources. Supplies of clean air and water are under pressure; and oil, natural gas, and minerals are expected to run out by the end of this century.1 We are playing a self-destructive game with the limits of our planet, and the time to change, innovate, and lead is now.

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