Investors Care More About Sustainability Than Many Executives Believe


Sustainability is increasingly important for investors, as evidence mounts that companies' environmental, social, and governance performance has an impact on long-term financial success. 

Vancity’s 2015 Annual Report Outlines How Strong Foundations Can Lead to a Sustainable Future


Vancity’s 2015 Annual Report, Strong foundations for a sustainable future, documents the credit union’s sound financial position and unique relationships with local communities. The integrated annual report can be viewed at

SABIC Launches its Fifth Sustainability Report, Enabling Tomorrow’s Solutions.


SABIC announced its fifth Sustainability Report, Enabling Tomorrow’s Solutions.

The report is a summary of the successes SABIC achieved in many areas of its business in 2015 on the journey to a more sustainable future.

SABIC has always brought enormous economic, social, and environmental benefit to the many countries where it operates all over the world. Wherever SABIC goes, it brings innovation, human development, and economic prosperity. SABIC strives to protect the environment and – through social programs and volunteering – contribute to healthy communities.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Releases 11th Annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report


Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE/ Euronext Paris: CCE) has today launched its 11th annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) report, providing an opportunity to reflect on CCE’s 10-year sustainability journey.
The report shows that CCE has:

GM Strengthens Business, Communities Through Mobility

Sustainability Report outlines company’s efforts and results

The rules of vehicle use and ownership are changing rapidly, according to GM’s latest Sustainability Report ( released Tuesday. Connectivity, car-sharing, alternative propulsion and autonomous vehicles are key elements toward a future of safer, cleaner and more efficient mobility options for customers.

One Step Further to a More Sustainable Business


In 2015, Scentre Group has been focusing on ways to create a Sustainable Business in alignment with its business purpose to create extraordinary places connecting and enriching communities. Scentre Group has continued to embed sustainable business practices more deeply into its operations. Scentre Group’s Digital Report illustrates environmental, community and staff initiatives that have delivered on a more sustainable business and the creation of shared value for all.

Teck Reports 2015 Sustainability Performance


Teck Resources Limited ("Teck”) has released its 15th annual Sustainability Report, covering the company’s performance in 2015 and progress towards its short- and long-term sustainability goals.

Teck’s 2015 Sustainability Report (GRI G4 Core) covers the economic, social and environmental topics that were most important to our communities of interest and business in 2015 and includes a complete review of our approach to and performance in sustainability. Our 2015 Annual Report provides further detail on our financial and operational performance.

Making Sustainability the Everyday Standard at UBS


"UBS and Society is an integral part of our responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Across all client segments we see a growing interest in sustainable investing. I firmly believe our bank is uniquely positioned to cater to this demand – and in fact we already do so, for example with novel financial products and services such as impact investing. But UBS and Society goes beyond, indeed it is our umbrella platform covering activities in sustainable investing and philanthropy, environmental and human rights policies, environmental footprint, and community investment." 

2015 Progress Report: L’Oréal’s Sustainability Program is Accelerating


L’Oréal unveils the 2015 results of Sharing Beauty With All, the Group’s sustainability program that sets ambitious commitments for 2020. In 2015, the Group made important progress:

Delhaize Group Releases 2015 Sustainability Progress Report

Company on the way to achieving Supergood Sustainability Ambition

International food retailer Delhaize Group announced the publication of its 2015 Sustainability Progress Report online at https://sustainabilityreport. The report highlights progress toward “Supergood”, the Group’s strategy to become a sustainability leader in its local markets by 2020.
"Our financial performance goes hand-in-hand with our sustainability targets," said Delhaize Group President and CEO Frans Muller. "Those efforts contribute directly to a more efficient company."


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