Invest In Sustainable Furniture for Your Energy Efficient Home

As you go about making your home more energy efficient have you also invested in sustainable furniture?

What is sustainable furniture, you ask? Well, as Americans become increasingly knowledgeable about the value of home energy efficiency, they are now also thinking about the quality of their home environment. And that includes furniture too, because depending on what it’s made out of your furniture can affect your home’s indoor air quality.

HERS Rating a Passive House

An Innovation Design Request filed with RESNET is helping this Iowa DOE Zero Energy Ready Home and passive house project acquire a more accurate HERS Index.

A NEW BUILDING IS TAKING shape at Full Revolution Farm, a “micro eco-farm” located just outside of Des Moines, Iowa. This project, which will include bed-and-breakfast accommodations, is being built to the standards of Passive House International, ENERGY STAR 3.1 and DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH), which includes the standards of the EPA’s WaterSense and Indoor AirPLUS programs.

Canadian and American Homebuilders Target Low HERS Scores in RESNET’s Cross Border Builder Challenge


Several top energy-efficient builders in the U.S. and Canada were honored through the second annual Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Cross Border Home Builder Challenge.

The competition helps promote the utilization of the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, a nationally-recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance.

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