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People Power of Climate March Readies Supporters for Next Stage

By Carol Pierson Holding

Like the true-blue climate supporter that I’m aspiring to be, I attended the People’s Climate March in New York City last week. I stood at the corner of Central Park West and West 77th Street and witnessed families with children, old people, college students, two women in wheelchairs and young lovers carrying very different signs but all united in a common cause to save the planet. I felt joy, exhilaration, and hope. We all did.

Post-March announcements seemed to confirm the March’s effectiveness:

Rockefellers to Divest from Fossil Fuel Investments - The Minute

Multimedia with summary

In a highly symbolic gesture with real bottom line impact, the Rockefeller family has announced that its $860 million philanthropic organization will sell off its assets linked to fossil fuel companies and invest in renewable energy. The Rockefeller fortune was, of course, originally earned from Standard Oil, the first great oil company.

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