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How to Market EHS to Employees on a Shoestring Budget


Engaged employees are the key drivers of building a culture around health and safety. But how can you “sell” EHS to your employees and make it easy for them to participate, if you don’t have a big budget?

Read Antea Group’s blog for some economical but fun ways to bring EHS to the forefront of your organization!

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Spring Has Sprung: It’s Time to Refresh EHS in Your Workplace

Top Springtime EHS Hazards and Tips to Bring EHS Front-And-Center This Spring

The season of new beginnings is here. Revitalize EHS at your workplace after the long winter dormancy! Find some top springtime EHS tips —from daylight savings to slips, trips, falls, and more, at our fresh-as-spring new blog.

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A Culture Shift for Safety: How Low-Risk Facilities Can Proactively Address Active Threats


Workplace violence and active threat incidents for low-risk workplaces can affect almost any business. How can you prepare for a potentially dangerous situation at your office, store or other low-risk workplace?

To start on the path of preparation and developing a culture of safety, read Antea Group’s comprehensive blog on this subject.

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Report: While Health & Safety Leaders Say Top Execs Support Efforts, They May Not Fully Understand the Value


According to EHS Today, 80% of surveyed safety leaders report that while top executives support their efforts, they do not fully understand the value of keeping workers safe, which is crucial to the success of an organization’s health and safety efforts.

Antea Group’s blog explores this disconnect and the ways with which you can win your leadership team over.

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Safety Matters: Carrying Out Safety in Our Every Day

For TransCanada, safety extends far past our work sites

Every company pursues a strong safety culture. But what do we mean by safety culture, and how do we strengthen ours? Simply put, safety culture is our shared beliefs and perceptions about safety. For us, safety extends far past our work sites. At TransCanada, we are to determined to see our employees make safety the highest value in their everyday lives.

7 Top Take-Aways From the Sigma Share Group Meeting


Antea Group was a sponsor and presenter at the recent Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA) event in Dallas, Texas. Preparing to deal with convenience store robberies and threats, guarding against credit card skimmers at the pump, fleet driver safety – these were some concerns discussed.

Antea Group has compiled 7 take-aways from this event.

Four Steps to Uncovering Enterprise-Level Gaps in EHS Compliance and Culture

EHS FleX to the Rescue!

Many environment, health and safety (EHS) managers are expected to be regulatory compliance experts, as well as help streamline operations and build a strong safety culture at their companies. They often lack the time, personnel, budget and local insight to effectively ensure compliance at every facility.

Transform Your Company's Safety Culture by Creating a Shared Belief


By Dustin Rusch, Chief Safety Officer for J.F. Ahern Co.​

How do you get employees to actively engage and participate in your organizations safety efforts?  How do you motivate employees to positively impact safety performance and culture?  How do you turn your entire workforce into a safety improvement team?

'Shared belief' has the power to make it happen.

AECOM Helps Spread a Culture of Caring to the Heart of Noida, India

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A culture of caring

AECOM improved safety practices on the Wave City Centre in Noida, India, accumulating 10 million safe work hours without any lost-time injuries, by promoting the importance of the company’s nine Life-Preserving Principles.

Infographic: The Benefits of Combining Safety Management Systems and Analytics

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Aberdeen's ongoing research into safety and operational performance shows that leading manufacturing companies do combine a Safety Management System (SMS) with analytics to build an efficient safety culture. Bringing safety processes to the next level is all about getting to and analyzing the data being collected.

Companies with a SMS and Analytics have:


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