Scotiabank Celebrates International Youth Day

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This International Youth Day, Scotiabank is proud of its employees that make a difference in the lives of young people every day. We believe this is an investment in the long-term security, stability and growth of our communities. Our goal is to help ensure that young people have the necessary services, support and opportunities they need to thrive.

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Spotlight on Scotiabank's Shirley, a Senior Aboriginal Recruitment Consultant

Scotiabank Celebrates World Indigenous Peoples Day
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“I'm still learning about my community and my culture. I owe a lot of my reconnecting to my past and culture to my job through traveling and meeting Indigenous people across the country.

Scotiabank Hands Scholarships to Belize City Students


Scotiabank handed out scholarships to school children as it celebrates its 12th anniversary of its Scotia Bank Education Foundation. The children attended a short ceremony late this afternoon at the Scotiabank Belama Branch. Malenie Landaverde, the Manager of the branch spoke more about the program.

How to Plan for Your Financial Future in Your 60s


Whether you plan to retire right at 65 or work a little longer, you’re likely eager to ensure your retirement dreams can soon become a reality. Here are some tips on helping prepare for this significant milestone.

Steps to take at age 60 and beyond:

How to Plan Your Financial Future in Your 50s


In your fifties, you’re clearer about who you are, what you want and what matters most. Here are some tips to help make sure your finances are keeping pace with your plans.

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How to Plan Your Financial Future in Your 40s


Your twenties and thirties can feel like a blur. When you’re in your forties, it’s a great opportunity to step back, take a deep breath, and assess where you’re at and where you’d like to go.

How to Plan your Financial Future in Your 30s

Are you in your 30s? We’ve put together some easy tips to help you prepare for the future. Here are things you should start and stop doing at this stage.

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✔ Take advantage of ‘free money’. Does your employer match retirement contributions, offer a pension or an employee share ownership plan? If so, take full advantage of any free money, as you continue to grow your nest egg.

How to Plan Your Financial Future in Your 20s


It’s the time to kick-start your career, look for your own home and travel. It's also the time to start taking charge of your financial life. Our tips for things you should start and stop doing in your twenties.

The dos:

Scotiabank Launches 5th Leadership Academy


THE Scotiabank Leadership Academy is in its fifth year working with Families in Action (FA) with a programme to help young people develop leadership skills. During the five-day programme they would learn to network with each other, learn to handle conflict and hone their leadership skills.

The programme this year would include a session on community and social responsibility where they would learn to not only develop themselves, but how to help other people in their communities.

The programme for 2018 was launched on Monday at All Saints Memorial Hall, Queen’s Park West.

Recipes For Learning -- Scotiabank Trains Canteen Cooks


As Scotiabank steps up its Nutrition for Learning (NFL) programme, targeting students in 38 primary level institutions, it recently hosted workshops for several school canteen cooks. The workshops, which have been conducted by master chef Jacqui Tyson, sought to equip canteen and administrative personnel in schools with the knowledge and skill to prepare nutritional and healthy meals for students.

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