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Are These 8 Smelters of High Concern Present in Your Supply Chain?

Companies that determine smelters of high concern exist or may exist in their supply chain can take action and still stay Dodd-Frank 1502 compliant by following these risk mitigation guidelines:

Over the past three years, many companies have taken a proactive approach to mitigating the risks of unethical sourcing practices in their supply chains, like sourcing minerals from war-torn areas of the Congo (conflict minerals). However, many of these supply chain sourcing approaches that were effective in the past may not produce the same results; and, outdated supply chain data sharing practices may actually hinder ethical sourcing progress.

Conflict Minerals: New Results From Reporting Year 2014


With the deadline for Conflict Minerals Reporting Year 2014 over, Source Intelligence is pleased to offer a graphic representation of conflict minerals RY 2014 SEC filing data. The analysis provided in the infographic highlights how companies are really doing on their conflict minerals reporting, and how companies can plan ahead for RY 2015.

Will Conflict Minerals Soon be an All In One Supplier Code of Conduct?


After two years of running through Conflict Minerals Compliance Programs, the regulated community is asking, where do we go from here?  What are the appropriate steps forward to create a more efficient process that will not be heavily scrutinized by regulators and NGOs?  In looking at reporting information for 2013 and 2014, very few Form SDs or Conflict Minerals Reports provide extensive discussion on process, more specifically relating to sustainability and transparency in the supply chain.  Many have focused on response rates, suggesting that the Reasonable Country of Origin (RCOI) rates

How Companies Collect Smelter Data Post Conflict Minerals Filings


With the conflict minerals reporting deadline for RY 2014 recently ending, thought leaders in the conflict minerals and supply chain transparency space gathered for the 3rd Marcus Evans Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Transparency Conference from June 23- 25 in Chicago, Illinois.

From the Source: Ghana, Child Labor Taints Gold Supply Chain


Ghana: Child labor taints gold supply chain

Human Rights Watch. International gold refiners who use gold from Ghana may be benefitting from hazardous child labor in unlicensed mines, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today on the eve of World Day Against Child Labor, June 12, 2015.

Source Intelligence to Host Panel Discussions at 3rd Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Transparency Conference

Press Release

June 9, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Top 20 CIO Supply Chain Solution Provider and recently featured business on The San Diego Union Tribune’s front page, Source Intelligence will be speaking at the upcoming 3rd Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Transparency Con

Last Chance for Complimentary Webinar Registration - Best Practices for Conflict Minerals RY 2014


With increasing pressure from NGO's for companies to go beyond the surface of their conflict minerals reporting, ensuring traceability and transparency in supply chains has become a competitive advantage for many U.S. companies. 

Don’t miss your chance to register for an upcoming Source Intelligence (SI) webinar that will cover best practices for Conflict Minerals Reporting Year 2014, and give critical insight on how companies can ensure responsible sourcing.

From the Source: Earth Day 2015-Inspiring Evidence of a Paradigm Shift


Digging for Transparency 

Amnesty International. Democratic Republic of Congo’s minerals are exported, smelted, and sold internationally, where they end up in cell phones, laptops, or as pieces of jewelry.  


Earth Day 2015: Inspiring evidence of a paradigm shift

Too Weak to Work? EU’s Conflict Minerals Regulation


The European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (ITA) has recently voted on the amendments to the EU’s conflict minerals regulation. According to an article published by EurActiv, Parliament Adopts Relaxed Measures on Conflict Mineralsthe ITA adopted the regulation:

Webinar: Best Practices for Smelter Disclosures - What Issuers and Non-Issuers Can Learn From the Most Recent CMR Smelter Disclosures


Join Source Intelligence on April 10, 2015 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST), for a complimentary webinar on Best Practices for Smelter Disclosures, in particular what issuers and non-issuers can learn from the most recent CMR's.

The webinar will include topics on:


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