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Vote Solar's Adam Browning: A Shining Example

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Listening to the national dialogue on energy policy can be a little discouraging. Not only does it feel like progress is not happening fast enough, it often feels like as a regular person you’re just not going to have any way to influence energy policy. Enter Vote Solar. Vote Solar is a grassroots solar policy advocacy organization that reminds us that all politics is local and that tremendous progress can be made by focusing on local regulatory roadblocks.

Honda and SolarCity Offer Solar Power Startup Financing; Kentucky’s $1.75M Fund Supports Farm Energy Efficiency - Energy Minute for March 8, 2013

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Honda and SolarCity have set up an investment fund of $65 million to finance the initial costs of solar power installations for Honda and Acura customers and dealers who are homeowners. Through the partnership, customers and dealerships will be able to install solar power with little or no upfront cost. Customers in SolarCity’s 14-state service area may be eligible for the special offer.

UPS Installs New Solar Power Projects; JustGreen Joins GreenWizard to Offer New App for Green Power Credits - Energy Minute for March 5, 2013

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UPS has installed two new solar power projects at its distribution facilities in New Jersey. The Parsipanny project was completed in fall 2012, and the Secaucus project is planned to go online this spring. Each installation is 1.2 megawatts in power, and, added to UPS’s existing solar power generating capacity, they will produce three million kilowatts of renewable energy per year. New Jersey is currently second in the U.S. for total installed capacity of solar energy technology.

Soaking Up the Sun in Jersey


If I were to ask you which state is the real sunshine state, what would you say? Florida? California? Try New Jersey…You got a problem with that?

UPS has four facilities in the U.S. that are outfitted with solar panels. Believe it or not, three of those facilities are in New Jersey. Yes, Jersey. The other one? Across the country in Palm Springs, California.

Guest Post: Non-Thermal Concentrated Solar Power


In a previous blog I discussed three very different types of solar energy electricity generation;  Photo-voltaic (PV), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Solar Updraft chimneys. This blog will deal with a branch of CSP that hasn’t received much attention and hasn’t yet been commercially deployed on a large scale. This could be referred to as non-thermal CSP.

GM Tonawanda Engine Plant Receives ‘Green Globe’ Award

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DETROIT, February 8, 2013 /3BL Media/ - General Motors’ Tonawanda Engine plant received the Green Globe Award from the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce for implementing and practicing a ‘green’ and sustainable business philosophy.  

“We continually strive to leave a smaller footprint and engage employees and residents in a variety of environmental stewardship activities,” said GM Tonawanda Engine plant manager Steve Finch.

Chevrolet Helps Give Truckers, Environment a Break from Idling


Chevrolet is supporting a project to help long-haul truckers avoid idling during rest breaks at truck stops, which cuts back on the carbon dioxide emissions that come from engine idling.

General Motors Joins Solar Energy Industries Association

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DETROIT, February 6, 2013 /3BL Media/ - General Motors is now a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association, joining other renewable energy advocates supporting a strong U.S. solar industry.

IKEA Installs More Solar Power; Owens Corning Offers Eco Insulation; Halliburton Develops Non-toxic Fracking Fluid - Energy Minute for February 6, 2013

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IKEA has installed a new solar energy system at its South Florida store in the city of Sunrise. The new photovoltaic array is a 1,000-kilowatt system with 4,300 panels. It will produce 1,500,000-kilowatt hours of electricity annually, reducing the equivalent of 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide. Combined with IKEA projects already completed on top of its stores in Orlando and Tampa, the company is now the state’s largest non-utility solar owner.

Increasing our Stake in Solar Power


While Enbridge's history may be firmly rooted in the transportation of carbon-based energy, with more than 160 years of experience in providing natural gas to customers in Ontario and Quebec and more than six decades of transporting western Canadian oil to markets in the American Midwest and Eastern Canada, we have always been a company that looks to the future.

And these days a big piece of that future is renewable energy.


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