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Black & Veatch-Designed Microgrid Actively Powering Shell Technology Center in Houston

Innovative microgrid platform a step toward next-gen clean energy technologies
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., January 16, 2019 /3BL Media/ – A Black & Veatch-designed microgrid at Shell’s Technology Center in Houston, Texas, is actively powering part of the campus while serving as a critical research tool for Shell International Exploration & Production Company, Inc.’s work to explore the next generation of clean power and distributed energy technologies.

Grid Modernization: Increasing Capital Investments To Decrease Risk

System reliability & efficiency needs are driving utilities to rely on connected technology

Growing commitment to distributed energy resources (DER) is forcing continued modernization of the grid — and the effort shows no signs of letting up. Whether by regulatory mandate or stakeholder pressure, system upgrades are being made worldwide to support the increase in renewable energy, while making infrastructure smarter and more resilient. Historically, attention to the grid’s distribution system focused on poles and wire maintenance and upkeep, but growing connectivity between assets is requiring a more holistic approach. 

Distributed Generation Still Part of the Plan as Technology Adoption Matures

DER continue to drive change within the electric industry

Distributed energy resources (DER) continue to drive change within the electric industry as both energy consumers and electric service providers are diversifying how electricity is generated and delivered. Spawned by the public embrace of clean energy, falling prices, and regulatory subsidies, solar photovoltaics, battery energy storage, and microgrids are being deployed in more places across the electric system.

Microgrids Boost Energy Resilience and Independence at Military Installations


The Department of Defense (DoD) has committed to deploying 3 gigawatts of renewable energy throughout military installations by 2025. Military bases all over the world have taken a proactive approach in achieving these goals, with many implementing solar photovoltaic (PV) generation.

Green Builder® Media Launches Renewable Energy Hub

New Energy Solutions site adds to the sustainable resources available online.
Press Release

January 22, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media recently announced the launch of a new online resource to educate consumers and professionals on sustainable energy solutions.

Improving Data Center Sustainability | Cisco Solar PV Installation 2013

Multimedia with summary

Cisco on YouTube

Improving data center sustainability, Cisco expands its onsite power generation capabilities using solar panels in Richardson, Texas. Learn more about Cisco's commitment to the environment:

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Keeping the Naked Mole Rats Warm -- Sustainably


Talk about creative accounting for a good cause. The Pueblo (Colorado) Zoo leveraged grants from the Renewable Energy Trust and used them as matching funds for a series of other grants.

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