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Dogs in Cars: The Trouble with Big Dogs [Part 2]

by Jill Ciminillo, Automotive Editor

If you don’t care about your pooch, self-preservation should be enough to restrain your pet properly, right?

However, after talking with a friend who has two very large Old English Sheep Dogs that weigh more than 120 pounds each, the resolution isn’t as simple as “put them in a crate or harness.”

According to Lindsey Wolko, founder of the Center for Pet Safety, more research and testing needs to be done for larger dogs.

Subaru Celebrates 20 Years of Partnership with Nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory

Press Release
  • Mount Washington Observatory is longest running sponsorship for Subaru of America
  • 12th Annual Seek the Peak Hike-a-thon raises record funds for the Observatory

(3BL Media) Cherry Hill, NJ -- July 27, 2012 -- Mount Washington Observatory’s Seek the Peak fundraiser broke a new record on Saturday, topping $250,000 in donations and sponsorship support. The 12th annual event was the single most successful fundraiser in the 80-year history of the nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory.

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