GE and Verizon Take on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


By Vito Savino, general manager, DC Power Systems product line - GE Critical Power

Wdesk Sponsors Sustainability Conference

Companies of all sizes are realizing that sustainability is a topic they can't afford to ignore. However, moving from a topic to an actual practice is a transition some companies struggle with. 
Wdesk is committed to helping companies make that transition with ease and efficiency. We are pleased to sponsor the Sustainable Brands Conference—ground zero for sustainability, brand, and innovation professionals who come together from around the world to be inspired, engaged, and equipped to succeed by building the better brands of tomorrow.

Mastering Materiality

By: Dave Knight – Director: DNV GL Sustainability Advisory Services, Business Assurance

The concept of materiality is cropping up everywhere.

Creating A Culture Of Hope--Not Fear--Around Sustainability

With personal actions, people can make small but meaningful contributions to improving the planet. We should focus on this instead of on our impending doom.

By Javier Flaim, CEO Recyclebank 

Many sustainability experts have grappled and struggled with understanding what truly motivates behavior change, trying to design better systems and tools to achieve real world impact. At our core, we all ultimately want to leave the planet a better place for future generations; to live in a world of purpose and ultimately live a life of impact.

The CFO's Role in CSR Reporting

When we hear the title Chief Financial Officer, we tend to think of financial performance indicators, not corporate social responsibility. However, the mindset among CFOs toward CSR is changing. CSR highlights various reputational and operational risks that shouldn't be overlooked, including compliance issues.

BRT Sustainability Report: Create, Grow, Sustain: Celebrating Success


At AT&T, we’re all about using communications technology to improve people’s lives and help businesses — including our own — operate more sustainably. We connect millions of people every day, making everything more immediate, seamless and efficient.

And as we do these things, we also work hard to find new ways to reduce the energy, fuel and resources we use. Here’s how we’re helping create a more sustainable world:

Global Auto Industry Accelerates Action On Conflict Minerals

Conflict Minerals Awareness Campaign Launched in Response to New Global Auto Survey
Press Release

Southfield, Mich., April 10, 2014 – At a corporate responsibility summit for global automakers and suppliers near Detroit, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) today announced an initiative to accelerate action on conflict minerals, which was identified in a new survey as the most significant issue facing the industry this year.

World's Largest Automakers Reach Unprecedented Agreement on Responsibility Expectations for Suppliers

Guidelines cover working conditions, environmental responsibility, and business ethics
Press Release

Brussels, Southfield, Mich., March 26, 2014 – Two leading corporate responsibility business associations, AIAG and CSR Europe, facilitator of the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability, today announced an unprecedented agreement has been reached among 14 global automakers on a set of standards outlining expectations for suppliers on key responsibility issues including human rights, environment, working conditions and business ethics.  Participating members a


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