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Exciting Green Career for 2011 Job Market


The Green Business League is building the most impressive Green Consultant and auditing force in the country with international offices growing as well. Most experts admit that the Green program has not yet caught fire, but is showing signs of becoming a mainstay of American business. More than a decade of Green rhetoric and token efforts is no longer good enough. More and more companies are asking, “Are you Green certified?” (And they don’t mean did you buy a Green logo off the Internet). By the way, no one should accept flimsy un-audited certifications anyway.

Green Business Market Penetration Facts

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 8, 2011 - There is one statement that tends to evoke a knee-jerk reaction, and that occurs when I say that the reputable Green business programs have had less than a 3-5% penetration into the marketplace.  This does include such good programs as LEED, ISO, and Green Business League that perform live audits instead of some token programs that use self-assessment or Internet forms.  The honest programs always prove their value by requiring a live audit and benchmark for achievement.  The rest are simply not credible.

What if THOUSANDS of Businesses in your area were Ready to Go Green?

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Green Consultant Firms needed

There is something new that may be invaluable for your consulting business.  So far, the LEED, ISO and Energy Star programs reach less than 5% of the business market.  This is not a criticism, just a fact.  We are now introducing a program that has been proven in the U.S. and internationally to reach thousands of businesses.  We call it the Green Path, and the latest version of this literally change the future of your company and seriously increase your revenue.

Environmental Consulting Ready to Explode

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) January 19, 2011 - We have seen hundreds of environmental consulting firms pop up across the country.  Some have survived and others have failed.  What all seem to have in common is an inability to breakthrough the resistance that still exists in the marketplace.  The reason is that the business community is uncertain of the meaning, involvement, and cost of a Green program.

The Green Guide to Make Your Business Green


The Green Business League has been helping businesses “Go Green” for the last 6 years, and our goal is to have every company implement some aspect of green within their day to day business practices.  Most business owners think that it is difficult and expensive to have an authentically green company, but that is simply not true.  We have recently developed free software that will help companies see how "Green" they really are, and it also will help them to become a certified green business.  The Green Path Software

Make Green Consulting Your Green Career

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 14, 2010 - With more than 30 million businesses in America alone, the question is how these stressed businesses will have the time and resources to develop a Green plan for their operation. The answer is that there is no good plan to accomplish this task, and nearly every business is confused and frustrated by the process. There are energy audit, trash audits, carbon footprints to calculate, offsets to purchase, water and air pollution, Green purchasing, and a growing number of compliance issues coming.

Put Your Business on the Green Path – New Software for Green Business

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) November 25, 2010 - How long do you think it will take to take your company Green?  How long would it take to get the businesses of your community to Go Green?  How long will we struggle to become a Green country?  At the current pace, we will still be struggling to reach Green compliance ten years from today, and that is simply how it is everywhere.  But, what if we could start fresh and develop a system so efficient, effective, and universally applicable that we could take a community or city into a Green program in just 30 days!  And what if

Is it Really Green Versus Sustainable?


Okay, there is an ugly rumor running about that business leaders have an aversion to the basic idea of Green.  If we investigate this mild phobia, we would learn that the sustainable word is considered a more business-friendly concept.  But, why?  Well, it seems that the concept of Green had a rough time at birth.  It was kidnapped by a band of treehuggers, fed by veggans, and watched Captain Planet save the world from ravaging corporate polluters.


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