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Domtar Sustainability: Managing Our Energy and Emissions

Domtar’s three-part approach to improving the sustainability of our energy consumption is yielding results.

We have converted most of our carbon-intensive coal power boilers to cleaner burning and less carbon-intensive natural gas.

We are executing efficiency improvements identified by independent experts across our mill system.

We are optimizing our self-generation of electric power, which is typically cleaner and more efficient than what can be purchased over the public power grid.

Domtar Sustainability: A 10,000 Tail Fish Tale


Domtar uses water for more than making paper. In our mill in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, we also hatch and rear fish—thousands of brook, brown and rainbow trout every year.

About 25-30 volunteers feed the fish twice a day and keep an eye on their health. Some are current mill employees; others are retirees who enjoy coming back to lend a hand.

When the trout reach an appropriate size, they are released into area streams. About 10,000 are released each year.

Domtar Sustainability: How Work Actually Gets Done


To make our facilities safer, we must understand how our employees actually do their work, not just how our written procedures state they should do their work.

Rather than treating our procedures as gospel, Domtar is using a new approach to understanding how specific tasks actually get done to ensure our employees can work safely. By asking employees to “show me” the way they complete certain tasks, we can see where our procedures, and sometimes our equipment, need to be adjusted to make our facilities safer.

Domtar Sustainability: Keeping Our People Safe and Healthy


The safety and health of our colleagues is of primary importance. Keeping our people safe and healthy enables them to be productive members of their families, communities and our company.

Domtar Sustainability: Pulling Our Weight


Unlike their counterparts in Pulp and Paper, our logistics colleagues in Personal Care don’t have a weight problem. Quite the opposite, they struggle to put it on.

Optimizing transportation efficiency is the objective for both of our divisions. They both strive to get the most product in a trailer. One is weight constrained. The other has a space issue.

Domtar Sustainability: Driving Forward Using the Rear-View Mirror


You wouldn’t drive forward using only your rear-view mirror. Yet for years that is how many companies, including Domtar, managed safety—using only indicators of past performance to chart a future course.

Today, we have begun steering to improved safety performance using forward-looking safety techniques— addressing potential safety hazards before they result in an injury.


Domtar Sustainability: A Brighter (and Cooler) Future in Jesup

Multimedia with summary

Colleagues at our personal care facility in Jesup, Georgia, are seeing their work in a different light.

That is because the facility upgraded to light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and can now turn on all of the lights at the same time. The previous metal halide lighting gave off so much heat that only half the fixtures could be on at any given time.

Domtar Sustainability - Trucks, Trains, and Ships - Moving Products to Customers More Efficiently


How do you move your products directly to customers with trucks while using as little fuel as trains? Use both by shipping your products in an intermodal container, which can be moved by both trucks and trains.

Whirlpool Taps Wind as Propeller Of Sustainability and Community Investment

by Antonio Pasolini

Transitioning to clean energy is one of the most efficient ways for companies to mitigate their environmental impact, as it prevents GHG emissions as well as providing a long-term solution for energy needs.

For that reason, appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation is pushing ahead with wind energy expansion as part of its efforts to decrease its carbon footprint in a bid to make its business increasingly sustainable as well as more socially responsible.

Whirlpool Corporation Team Drives Global Effort to Meet Materials Compliance


When it comes to sustainability, dreaming bigger is always better. By looking beyond regulatory requirements to achieve sustainable practices, Whirlpool Corporation is recognizing the value in protecting consumer health and trade customer priorities, as well as reduced eco-fees.


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