eBay Utah Office Announces 100% Renewable Energy

Milestone in working toward eBay’s 100% renewable energy goal across all offices

At eBay, we believe it is our responsibility to encourage the development of renewable energy, which has the potential to benefit economies around the world. This is why we’ve made it our goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2025.

As we work toward this goal, eBay participates in local utility-driven green power programs at multiple offices around the globe. 

How Timberland’s President Jim Pisani Is Putting Sustainability at the Top of His Agenda

By Peter Verry

It didn’t take long for Jim Pisani to understand Timberland’s vital role in nurturing the environment.

Just two weeks into his stint at the Stratham, N.H.-based company in 2016, the global brand president was knee deep in the company’s eco-friendly initiative — getting his hands dirty transforming a vacant Bronx, N.Y., lot into a lush garden.

Three years later, Pisani is working to make sure eco-consciousness is at the center of everything VF Corp.-owned Timberland does.

Koch Industries: How We Think About our Role as a Business in Society

Jim Hannan, executive vice president and CEO for Koch – Enterprises, shares his perspective on what really makes Koch companies different

In my more than two decades at Koch Industries, I have witnessed—and been part of—remarkable transformations inside the company and the business areas in which we operate. Working at Koch is probably unlike working for most other companies. Spend a few hours at one of our manufacturing facilities or offices across the country, and you might notice the difference, too. 

It was a privilege to share a slice of that at The Atlantic’s recent Power of Purpose Summit in New York. At Koch, we think about the role of business in society a little differently than others might. 

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