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Domtar Sponsors FSC Friday 2016

Leader in North American certified paper production supports annual celebration

On September 30th, 2016, Domtar sponsored FSC Friday, the annual event designed by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to raise awareness about responsible forest management.

For over 20 years, FSC has worked to take care of forests and the people, plants, and animal species that depend on them. The FSC label gives assurance that wood, paper, and other forest products have been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials. FSC Friday is about sharing and promoting that message, so that our forests can remain forests for generations to come.

Domtar Releases 2016 Sustainability Update

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
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At Domtar, acting on the insights we gain begins with recognizing that each of our facilities has a unique operational context. That’s why we take an analytical approach to develop a systemic, holistic understanding of risks and opportunities at a facility level. This requires making informed assumptions about the future and understanding the dynamics of the surrounding ecosystems and community.

Hear from Domtar Private Landowners on PBS’ This American Land

Learn why people are passionate about preserving healthy forests for generations to come.
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People are at the room of healthy forests. Domtar’s sustainable forestry work is featured in an upcoming episode of the PBS series This American Land, the leading conservation news program that reports on critical issues affecting America’s natural landscapes, waters and wildlife.

Top 5 Lessons on How to Engage Sustainable Suppliers

Engaging companies to care about sustainable supply chains can be difficult. Domtar came up with five simple ways to make it matter.

For corporations, the age of “random acts of greenness” is over. Progressive companies integrate sustainability into their everyday, core business models and throughout their value chains. It means being accountable for your entire value chain — but engaging sustainable suppliers has proven to be a challenge for many companies.

A Conversation About Sustainable Forestry

Discover what sustainable forestry is, why it matters and how it makes a difference.

Pulp and paper products make modern life possible. From the obvious items like writing paper to not-so-obvious products like baby diapers, you can find forest-based fiber in so many everyday things. While we can probably find paper products at every turn in our daily routines, we don’t always have the same amount of insight into where they come from or why things like sustainable forestry and recycling make a real-life impact.

Why People are at the Root of Healthy Forests

As part of its Sustainable Forestry Principles, Domtar is committed to working closely with local indigenous communities — who make up nearly half of those 300 million residents — to ensure the forests remain for generations to come.

Climate change, deforestation, global warming. These are all hotly debated areas of sustainability that have become commonly used buzzwords in the public discourse.

Domtar Employee Heather Stowe Nominated as a Domtar Difference Maker

Heather Stowe is the person to thank for the creation and growth of the Domtar EarthChoice Ambassadors Program. She currently serves as the Corporate Social Responsibility manager at Domtar.

Domtar’s EarthChoice Ambassadors program is an employee engagement program that began in 2011 to promote sustainable principles throughout the company. Now going into its seventh year, this very successful program is on track to have chapters in place at all Domtar facilities by 2020. And, with more than 500 ambassadors, Domtar’s EarthChoice Ambassadors put in more than 2,000 hours of volunteer work last year.

Where Business and Sustainability Meet in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Paige Goff, VP, Sustainability and Business Communications at Domtar, and Richard Z. Donovan, Senior VP and VP of Forestry, Rainforest Alliance discuss how sustainability plays a role in pulp and paper products.

Join Paige Goff, Vice President of sustainability and business communications at Domtar; and Richard Donovan, Senior Vice President and Vice President of Forestry at Rainforest Alliance, in a Q&A discussion on how sustainability plays a role in the manufacturing of pulp and paper products.

Starting with the facts, what does it mean to be “sustainable” in the pulp and paper industry? Aren’t pulp and paper products made from trees? 

Conveying Sustainability at Hawesville: Using Technology to Reduce GHG Emissions and Improve Safety

Domtar's Hawesville, Kentucky mill uses innovation to be more sustainable.
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Domtar’s Hawesville Mill has received national attention for its strong efforts in sustainability. The facility constructed a world-class chip conveyor that stretches from the Ohio River waterfront all the way to the mill’s gates. The technology moves wood chips from barges using the Mississippi River, Ohio River, and Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, all the way across a mile-long (1.6 km) chip conveyor to mill staging areas.


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