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A Longstanding Pandemic Response Team Helped Intel Act Swiftly in the Wake of COVID-19

By Mary Mazzoni

Companies around the world have collectively committed billions of dollars to help communities and health organizations combat the new coronavirus, but the pandemic is uncharted territory for most business leaders. And while the scope and scale of the coronavirus threat is unlike any we've seen before, global technology firm Intel was perhaps more prepared than most, thanks to a forward-thinking decision made nearly 20 years ago and investment that's continued to this day.

Intel Makes ESG a Competitive Advantage

By Mary Mazzoni

Sustainable and socially responsible investing now represents $1 in every $4 under professional management. As this type of investing becomes increasingly mainstream, companies around the world are scrambling to make environmental, social and governance (ESG) data available to investors so they can be included in ESG-focused portfolios.

Some firms, however, are already ahead of the game. In a 2018 report, Morgan Stanley called out big names like Campbell Soup, Microsoft and Intel as “first mover companies that are already capitalizing on investor interest in ESG.” 

Digging Into the Data: Why Advancing Women is Good for Business

Intel's Director of Corporate Responsibility describes the value of the company's investments in gender inclusion

By Suzanne Fallender, Director, Corporate Responsibility; Intel Corporation

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