Lilly: Announcing the 2015 REACH Lilly MDR TB Partnership Media Award Winners


Today’s guest blog comes from Sunita Prasad, senior manager for Lilly’s MDR-TB Partnership in India.

Tuberculosis (TB) continues to pose a monumental global health challenge. The disease affected nine million people in 2013, and claimed 1.5 million lives. In India, 1,000 people die of TB daily, though the disease is fully curable.

Lilly: Forging Alliances is Crucial to Fighting Tuberculosis


Today’s guest Blogger is Dr. Lasha Goguadze, Senior Health Officer, Global Tuberculosis Programme, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He is based in Geneva.

Lilly: Renewed Awakening to the Global TB Crisis


Today's guest blog comes from Lilly's vice president of Global Health Programs, Evan Lee, M.D.

Having recently returned from the annual Union World Conference on Lung Health, I am struck by the signs of increased solidarity and urgency in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). As a physician, I can’t help but see parallels between the disease we are fighting and the promise of increased momentum in national and international efforts.

Eli Lilly: Searching for New Tuberculosis Drugs


Most TB drugs currently approved for treatment are 50+ years old and are required to be taken over a 6-month period to be effective. Compliance with such a long treatment regimen is a challenge, limiting drugs’ effectiveness and contributing to the rise in MDR-TB. As part of its MDR-TB Partnership, Eli Lilly and Company formed innovative partnerships with the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to discover new and more effective TB drugs.

Lilly: Spreading Knowledge to Stop TB in India


Today’s guest blog comes from Sunita Prasad, senior manager for Lilly’s MDR-TB programs in India.

Lilly: Ebola Highlights Need for Public Health Investment


Today's guest blog comes from Lilly's Vice President of Global Health Programs, Evan Lee, M.D.
Americans have been paying close attention to Atlanta in the past several weeks, and not because the Braves have reignited playoff hopes. It’s because, as you’ve surely heard by now, two Americans who contracted Ebola in West Africa were flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for intensive care. People are worried about this deadly disease spreading in the U.S.

Lilly: A Good Start to Ending TB in China

Today’s guest blog comes from He Zhijun, Lilly’s CSR Manager and Program Officer for the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership in China.
In late June, I organized our first media visit to the Heilongjiang Provincial Infectious Disease Hospital located in Harbin, the provincial capital of China’s Heilongjiang province. The hospital is one of six pilot centers from the Lilly-China Medical Association TB Society collaboration focused on enhancing clinical skills of tuberculosis (TB) physicians.

Lilly: Political Commitment to End TB

By David Marbaugh

Today's guest blog comes from Lilly's Vice President of Global Health Programs and Access, Dr. Evan Lee.

In an encouraging move, the World Health Assembly has passed a formal, long-term resolution to stop TB. This means that all countries that participate in the World Health Organization have agreed to a concrete strategy – with clear targets – that could potentially rid the world of this dreadful disease.

Lilly Celebrates Nurses As Change Agents

By David Marbaugh

Today’s guest blog comes from Gini Williams, director for TB projects with the International Council of Nurses. Lilly partners with ICN through the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership.


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