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Schools Make Recycling Fun in Japan


Our educational program in schools throughout Japan helps to spread information about carton recycling in a fun, interactive way. It is also helping to increase the number of cartons people recycle.

Recycling infrastructure and requirements are different all over the world. In Japan people must open, rinse and dry cartons, otherwise the recycling centres can’t process them. Instead of seeing this as a hindrance, at Tetra Pak, we saw it as an opportunity to spread the message about the recyclability of our cartons and also to educate people about how to recycle.

Schools Help Raise Recycling Rates in Greece


Tetra Pak Hellas has been supporting recycling initiatives in schools in Greece, ranging from workshops to collection points, all to raise awareness and improve the rate of recycling in the country.

In Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, Eco Greece and Tetra Pak Hellas, have distributed recycling bins to 80 schools in the municipality. This, together with a series of recycling workshops, has helped raise the rate of recycling in the city four-fold.

How Dell, Tetra Pak, and the University of Cambridge Integrated the SDGs Into Business Operations

In a recent ground-breaking webinar on “Activating the SDGs into business operations”, 3 senior leaders from Dell, Tetra Pak, and the University of Cambridge shared their experiences and strategies to successfully integrate the SDGs into business strategy.
From the discussion, it was clear that to meet the SDGs is highly complex, but being able to know what shift in thinking and operations across both the business and industry is needed is now crucial.

Celebrating Recycling Routes


Tetra Pak Brazil is celebrating ten years since the launch of its Recycling Route (www.rotadareciclagem.com.br). This is a website that offers consumers a simple way of finding recycling collection points in various cities across Brazil. Since its launch in 2008, more than 1.3 million visitors have used the website to find their way to a recycling collection point.

Showing Our Support for Global Recycling Day on March 18th

Celebrating how we collaborate to make recycling a reality every day
Multimedia with summary

We work closely with 160 partners in 70 countries around the world on improving recycling, using a market by market approach.

Read more on Recycling @TetraPak here 

Tetra Pak Delivers More Than Half a Billion Fully Renewable Packages

World’s first fully renewable package featured in new display at the Museum of Brands
Press Release

February 22, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Tetra Pak has now delivered more than half a billion packs of Tetra Rex® Bio-based, the world’s first beverage carton to be manufactured entirely from renewable materials. The landmark event was announced at the Museum of Brands, in London, where the package, is featured in a new sustainability display, opening to the public today.

Tetra Pak on the Supplier Climate A List by CDP

Press Release

January 29, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Tetra Pak has ​today (Monday 29th January)​ been named on the CDP Supplier Climate A list for the second time, as well as being announced as a CDP Forests A list in December, also for the second time. We have been reporting to the CDP Supplier Climate programme since 2009 and to the Forests programme since it was first established in 2015. Reporting to CDP highlights Tetra Pak’s commitment to transparency and measurement of its sustainability positioning.

Tetra Pak Pledges Support for EU Plastics Strategy

Press Release

Tetra Pak pledges to support the European Commission’s Plastics Strategy, announced today as part of the EU Action Plan for a Circular Economy.

The company will:

  • Work with industry partners to ensure that by 2030, recycling solutions are in place for all components of beverage cartons so they can be fully recycled across Europe; 

  • Substantially increase the use of plastics made from renewable feedstock;

  • Use recycled plastics once they are validated as safe and are legally acceptable for use as a food contact material​

Connecting Sustainable Development Goals and Materiality

By Mario Abreu, Vice President Environment, Tetra Pak

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Tetra Pak’s corporate strategy, in fact it’s embedded in our brand promise – ‘Protect What’s Good’. I think we’re very influenced by our Swedish heritage, where nature and its resources play a central role.


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