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The Conservation Fund: Complex Issues Call for Smart Conservation


Since 1985, The Conservation Fund has protected about 28 acres an hour—nearly 700 acres a day. That is about one Central Park worth of land protected each day! Your support helps make this possible and allows us to address the most pressing environmental challenges of our time: climate change and sea level rise, loss of habitat for wildlife, access to food systems, conversion of working forests, farms and ranches, and more.

Help Give Our Planet Some Re-leaf This Arbor Day

by Laura Pevehouse

I just noticed that it’s National Arbor Day here in the U.S. and it gave me a flashback to the launch of something 11 years ago that I’m proud to know is still going strong – Dell’s Plant a Tree program.

An Entrepreneurial Model to Protect America's Private Forests

by The Conservation Fund for Social ImpactVoice

There is a frequently-held misconception in our society that protecting the environment and having a robust, growing economy are fundamentally at odds with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by the role that responsibly managed forests play in sustaining local economies, protecting our climate and serving as a source of forest-based products like paper, packaging and timber for construction.

What the Texas Ocelot, and Other Wildlife, Can Teach Us About Partnership

by The Conservation Fund for Social ImpactVoice

The ocelot is, by any standards, a beautiful and magnificent animal. It is a little larger than your average house cat, and distinguished by a very long, ringed tail and distinctive spot patterns on its body. Most Americans have likely not seen one of these creatures in person for a couple of reasons. First, they don’t breed in large numbers. Ocelot females normally have just one kitten per litter, sometimes two. Second, there are only an estimated 80 ocelots left in the country due to the gradual and substantial loss and fragmentation of their habitat.

Sustaining Natural Resources, One Project at a Time


Imagine a world where trees, wildlife and open spaces weren’t on the decline. A world where we all made a conscious effort to preserve natural habitats. By conserving communities and educating future generations, we can bring a greener earth from imagination to reality.

Applications Open for Third Round of Transporting Healthy Food Grants

CSX and The Conservation Fund support producers and distributors of local, fresh foods in underserved communities
Press Release

ARLINGTON, Va., July 28, 2016 /3BL Media/ — Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Grant Program for Transporting Healthy Food, presented in partnership by CSX and The Conservation Fund

The Rise of On-Demand Problem Solving

An evolving approach to sustainability reveals how everyone has a seat at the table.


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