The Natural Step Framework

How Can Sustainability Help Create a Brand that Differentiates and Avoids Greenwashing?


We are often asked to provide our thoughts and reflections on the growing connection between sustainability and an organization’s reputation and brand. In a recent survey of CEOs (the largest of its kind) entitled “A New Era of Sustainability” and released by the United Nations Global Compact on sustainability, CEOs ranked “brand trust and reputation” as the top reason to take action on sustainability.

The Secret to Employee Engagement on Sustainability: Aim Big and Focus on the Core of your Business


Many organizations are trying to uncover the secret to successful employee engagement on sustainability. What we know for sure, is that sustainability efforts that only touch the periphery of the organization will have limited success with employee engagement. For most organizations, so-called greening the office is the road most-travelled, primarily because it’s a fairly simple approach. Deeper change that will engender more meaningful employee engagement is much more challenging.

How Business Can Capture the Value Proposition of Sustainability


On February 10, the MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, published their Winter 2011 Research Report on findings from the 2010 sustainability and innovation global executive study and research project. The report, Sustainability: The ‘Embracers Seize Advantage,’ explores the following questions: How has the economic downturn affected sustainability investments within for-profit companies?

Leading Change from Within: Maximizing People Power for Sustainability


Vision 2050 is the World Business Council on Sustainable Development’s response to the global sustainability challenge. It lays out a pathway for arriving at a place where we are able to meet the needs of society within the limits of nature: in other words, sustainability. If you haven’t already read the summary report, I encourage you to do so–it’s fascinating and exciting, at a time when we could use both!

The Natural Step Explained in 2 Minutes


The foundation for many innovative sustainability programs around the world is anchored in The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. Our science-based process has been tested and proven effective by hundreds of forward-thinking organizations over the past two decades.

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