A World Now Open for Business

Creating opportunity through trade.

Jim Barber | UPS

The following is based on a speech given by Jim Barber, president of UPS International, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Atlanta.

I have deep respect for small and mid-sized businesses and the entrepreneurs who turn on the lights in the morning, stand behind the counter all day and lock the doors at night.

I love to hear the stories about how they took that first step toward entrepreneurship. And how they picked themselves up after that inevitable first misstep.

5 Ways Trade Can Deliver for the World’s Poor

It's time to take the conversation about trade and poverty to the next level.

by Ritu Sharma | Trade and Poverty Expert

Just about every day, UPS drops something at my doorstep. As a working mom with two busy boys, my store of convenience is the world as I shop online.

As an advocate for women in living in poverty worldwide, I often wonder if the goods I’ve just received through global trade made life better for the person who made them.

Try Recycling Jobs Instead of Trading Them Away

by RP Siegel

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - President Obama would like to create more jobs for American workers. One way he is attempting to do that is by negotiating more free trade agreements. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from Bill Clinton, who pushed through the disastrous NAFTA trade bill and several others like it. Twenty years later, the consensus seems to be that NAFTA was good for corporations, but bad for jobs.

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