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Employee uses first aid to help in aftermath of Nepal earthquake


TransCanada employee Dana Engler and his son, Shaun, had just sat down for lunch at their hotel in Thulo Syabru, Nepal on Apr. 25 when the earth began to heave.

As the walls crashed down around them, they stumbled out of the hotel with their guide while yelling at everyone to get out of the collapsing building.

Scholarship Helps Single Mom Achieve Her Goals


For Janine Olivier – a single mom of three – making the decision to go back to school to give herself and her family a better quality of life was nothing short of daunting.

As a mature student with the aspiration of becoming a registered nurse, she had to both upgrade her high school science courses and take on the financial burden of a bachelor degree to change her career.

“When I started thinking about going back to school, it was because I felt like I had hit a wall in my current job and couldn’t go any further,” says Olivier.

Training Skilled Trades Fuels the Future

Investing in skilled trades beneifts us all

Original article appeared on TransCanada's blog.

As one of North America’s largest energy infrastructure companies, TransCanada has been employing skilled tradespeople for over 60 years to build the pipelines and power generation facilities that deliver the energy North America uses every day. For many years however, a shortage of skilled tradespeople has loomed over Canada and the United States.

Making Magnum's Wish Come True

The heart of a Jedi

The force is strong in this one.

Uniting to Conserve the Waldron Ranch

Conservationists, ranchers and pipelines unite to protect Canada's largest conservation easement

There are places where you’re there and time seems to stand still. You could imagine yourself in 1830 watching a herd of buffalo or a First Nations community moving across the landscape with their horses and travois. Most of it still looks that natural, and it still is that beautiful, to me.

Developing North America’s Energy Future

Americas trusted energy partner

When you turn your lights on, do you ever wonder where that power comes from? How about when you are cooking dinner or making your morning coffee? What about when you are heating your home on a cold winter night? We often take our lifestyle based on a convenient and abundant supply of energy for granted. We switch our appliances on; drive our cars, use computers and cellphones without giving it a second thought. We use energy every day because it’s essential to our modern way of life. But do you ever wonder where the energy comes from?

TransCanada Employees Return Home from Ghana and Share Insights

TransCanada employees Halabet and Pohlod make a positive impact in Ghana

TransCanada employees are passionate about volunteering in the communities where we live and work, and that passion for volunteering has taken two of our employees half way across the world on an international secondment in Ghana, Africa through a partnership with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB).

TransCanada Pipelines USA to Offer Grants to East Texas Nonprofits

The TransCanada Charitable Fund encourages grant requests up to $5,000

TransCanada Pipelines USA is offering grants to East Texas nonprofits through the company’s charitable fund at the East Texas Communities Foundation.

The TransCanada Charitable Fund awards grants to projects that are based on good ideas and compelling needs with the potential to improve individual’s lives and communities, according to a foundation news release.

Funding is available in the East Texas counties traversed by TransCanada pipeline operations and projects.

Employees Honoured with Women for Nature Distinction

75 women named Women for Nature by Nature Canada

In 1939 the world was a much simpler place than it is today. The Xerox machine was just being invented, the television had not yet been invented, and the average price for a new car was $700. While attitudes towards nature and the environment were very different than they are today, there were many individuals that were ahead of their time and had the foresight to create something amazing.

TransCanada Gives to Black Hills Organizations

A total of $25,000 was donated to five Black Hills organizations

A total of $25,000 was donated to five Black Hills organizations and community projects in December, and was awarded to the groups in a reception Tuesday morning.

The Black Hills Area Community Foundation in collaboration with the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline presented donations to two charities and three community projects in need of funds today.



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