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Why Transformative Volunteering Is Good Citizenship

by Lynn DeHoyos, senior manager, corporate citizenship, Deloitte Services LP

A coworker recently invited me to a group session at a non-profit organization that helps people impacted by poverty gain and keep employment. During these gatherings, attendees wear business attire -- dressing for the jobs they want. Participants, volunteers, and staff share their experiences and affirm one another. The ritual is part of the participants’ daily routine of showing up, ready to work, learn, and find a path to providing for themselves and their families.

America’s Small Landowners: One Forest at a Time

By Jan Lee

Small landowners are the unsung heroes of the U.S. forest industry. We often think of public forests as the key source of the U.S. wood supply, but in fact, that resource only amounts to about a quarter of the total acreage that is harvested for wood products in the U.S. The rest comprises stock supplied by landowners that have dedicated their acreages to maintaining U.S. forest growth and supply. 

Cone Communications’ “Prove Your Purpose” Recognized As Top Sustainability Newsletter

Press Release

BOSTON, February 23, 2017 /3BL Media/ – Cone Communications, a public relations and marketing agency, is proud to announce that its CSR focused newsletter, “Prove Your Purpose”, has been recognized as a Top Sustainability Newsletter by Triple Pundit alongside other major publications suc

Twitter Chat: Yum! Brands Discusses Global Hunger Relief Efforts with Agency Partners in Preparation for World Food Day at #3pYumChat

Join 3p, Yum! Brands, World Food Programme & Food Donation Connection on 10/15 for a Twitter Chat about global hunger relief efforts and World Food Day.

There are 795 million people suffering from chronic hunger around the world according to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).  This means that one in nine people globally, many of whom are children, are going to bed hungry each night.  As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, Yum! Brands believes it is their privilege and responsibility to address the global hunger issue.

HP’s Chris Librie Explains Living Progress for 2015

by Nick Aster

Chris Librie leads strategy and communication for HP Living Progress.  We’ve been following the evolution of Living Progress for a few years now at TriplePundit and have had the opportunity to talk to Chris on a number of occasions.

HP Releases Living Progress Report Today

by Jen Boynton

Today HP releases its latest Living Progress report.

Living Progress is the name HP chose for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting efforts. So, why living progress? The hardware giant issued its first Global Citizenship Report in 2001, but it felt that this terminology was not sufficient for what the company was trying to do.

CVS Wants to Help Cities Safely Dispose of Old Medications

by Alexis Petru

Between 10 and 30 percent of all prescription and over-the-counter drugs sold are left unconsumed, according to a State of Washington report, and all those leftover medications pose significant risks to public health and the environment. Drugs that are flushed down the toilet or tossed in the trash can – rather than properly disposed of – can end up in oceans and waterways, threatening both marine life and human health.

The Cost of Conflict Minerals Compliance Discussed: Last Chance to Register for Conflict Minerals Post Filing Insights Webinar

October 15 @ 10 am PDT

Join Source Intelligence on October 15th for an interview with Dr. Chris Bayer, principal investigator at Tulane University, and Nick Aster, founder of Triple Pundit, for a deeper understanding of the after effects of Dodd Frank 1502.

Brazilian Startup Solidarium Connects Artisans with the Global Marketplace

Join TriplePundit, SAP and our special guests for a Twitter Chat about millennials and social entrepreneurship. Follow along at #SAPsocent on October 23 at 9 a.m. PST/Noon EST.

Brazilian native Tiago Dalvi had big dreams from the start. He was accepted into business school at the tender age of 16, where he first noticed his talent for sales. While Dalvi loved talking to customers and devising new ways to sell a product, he didn’t want to sell just anything. Rather than peddling the standards like cars or appliances, he wanted to sell something that made a difference.


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